Grace Bujdei: The Volleyball Star


By Andrea Espino, Staff Writer

Sophomore Grace Bujdei walks into volleyball practice and pulls up her knee pads, listening to the symphony of balls bouncing, shoes squeaking, and girls calling the ball, “I got it, I got it.” Being on the volleyball court is her favorite place because it’s a place where she can let loose and play the game she loves.

Playing volleyball is basically in her blood- her dad, brother, and sister have all played. Bujdei has been playing volleyball for six years. She’s played volleyball in all her middle school years at Fairview and her freshman and now sophomore years here at West. This year she is a part of the JV girls volleyball team.

She is in the middle of her season and always gets hyped for all the games. During each game, you can always see a proud dad sitting in the stands, admiring his daughter’s skills and talent for the game he still adores.

“After every game, my dad always gives me pointers and compliments me on what I did during the game so I can do better next time. I trust my dad’s opinions because he has much more experience than me,” Bujdei said.

When Bujdei walks onto the volleyball court, her mind is completely cleared from priorities she has at school or at home. The only thing she has on her mind is where she wants to hit or spike her next ball too.

“I love the satisfaction of getting a good hit or block, it just makes me more excited and more eager to get better,” Bujdei said.

When Bujdei is not at volleyball practice or at a game, she is usually found at church. Church is a big part of her life, and she is there on Tuesdays for youth choir, Wednesdays for girls choir, Fridays for youth group, and Sundays for weekly mass. Her friends are always there, and she is thrilled to see and catch up with them.

Sophomore Abigail Cimpean has known Bujdei since preschool and sees her almost every day. They have stuck together ever since because of the bond that they share.

“It’s really easy to talk to her about anything. She has a kind heart and is very sweet. She gives the best advice and is always there whenever I need her,” Cimpean said.

On or off the court, Bujdei is described as an energetic person that can make anyone laugh. ” She never doubts to put a smile on my face, and she is a very loyal and caring person,” sophomore Dahlia Curescu said.

Make sure to come and support the JV girls’ team at their next home game against Evanston on October 2nd in the contest gym at five o’clock.