Vincent Roman: The Drummer Boy

By Gloria Kosir, Feature Editor

You’re sitting in the South Lobby during eighth period, and suddenly there’s this tapping noise coming from behind you. The tapping isn’t annoying, though, it’s rhythmic and follows a pattern. Freshman drummer Vincent Roman is sitting behind you, his mind still stuck in jazz band rehearsal.

“My mom always saw me tapping on the table since I was a toddler. My mom gave my grandma the idea to get me a drum set on my [eighth] birthday. It wasn’t a very good drum set, but I couldn’t really tell when I was that young. They got better as I got older,” Roman said.

Roman has been playing drums for about six years, and he feels that he can really find himself through music.

“You can just take your emotions out. It’s fun to show off to your friends, and it’s fun to play with other people, and you also get to meet new people,” Roman said.

Roman started taking lessons when he was eight. He would have an instructor come to his house and teach him on his set. Later on, in his musical career, he went to a studio in Evanston to take lessons. Today, he takes lessons at Niles West on Thursdays.

“I’m really glad I joined jazz band. It’s more of a challenge to me now. I was kind of losing interest in it over the summer, but now that I’m in here, I’ve played more than I have been in a while,” Roman said.

Roman was invited to marching band but didn’t join because he felt that he wasn’t ready to participate and make that commitment. He already practices six to seven hours per week. Jazz band gives him enough of a challenge, as it is. Roman said that while the jump from Lincoln Hall to Niles West was academically what he was expecting, the jump musically was momentous.

“The jazz band [at Lincoln Hall] wasn’t as challenging as the one here. It was only once a week for thirty minutes, while the one here is every day for 40 minutes. It just didn’t have songs that were that hard, and we didn’t do too many songs. I’ve been looking forward to joining jazz band since maybe a year from now, so I’m glad I got in,” Roman said.

He’s currently one of three drummers in jazz band. Roman is taking a couple of AP courses as well as honors classes. Even as a freshman, he’s got his plate full.

“Sometimes [it’s hard to juggle school and band]. Maybe a little bit over the weekend, if I’m busy, then yeah, because I do have to practice and I do have to do a bunch of homework because I have some AP classes, and that gives a lot of homework. I think it’s mostly manageable,” Roman said.

Roman’s love for drumming extends past jazz band, though. He’s also in a band with his brother, but instead of playing jazz, they play punk music.

“I have another band at home with my brother. That’s fun, and we’re going to perform in like five days at a place in Naperville. [The performance] is for a punk genre. I do jazz and punk, and it’s a big difference. It’s kind of known to some people. It’s called “The Big Cheese,” and my brother made it. I think it started out as a joke, but now it’s somewhat more serious because we’re going to start recording songs,” Roman said.

Roman isn’t just a talented musician; he’s also a reliable friend.

“He’s really funny and can cheer you up very easily. He’s always making sure his friends are okay and tries to make them feel better,” freshman Natasha Dhamavasi said.

Freshman Dimitri Sikaras also said something similar.

“Vincent’s a really good friend. He’s always there for you, and he’s responsible and does his work,” Sikaras said.

Roman is one of those kids at West that you wouldn’t know is so talented and interesting. Come support Niles West’s jazz band at one of their performances.