Top 5 Places To Get Your Halloween Costume


By Alli Lipsit , Staff Writer

Halloween is arriving in just four days, and whether you’re attending a Halloween party or simply taking a little sibling out for Trick or Treating, and don’t have a costume by now, you could be in some trouble. Luckily, below are listed the five best places for all procrastinators and last-minute shoppers to get the perfect costume for Halloween 2019.

  1. Any Thrift Store

This is both the easiest and cheapest idea of a costume store you can get. There’s a Goodwill right on Touhy Ave, across the street from Village Crossing, and a Salvation Army on Oakton. If you’re willing to go farther, there are tons of other resale shops you can go to look for inexpensive costume pieces.  Thrift stores have pretty much everything, no matter how random. I once tried a fifty dollar wedding dress on at Goodwill. Sure, you can go to Spirit Halloween and buy a hippie costume kit for forty bucks or you could go to Goodwill right across the street. Just grab a pair of bell-bottom jeans, a peace sign belt with some circular shades, and a colorful looking tank top with a jean jacket for almost fifteen dollars. Plus, you can use some of the clothes you purchased for other events and not just your Halloween costume.

2. Amazon

If you’re anything like me, you might take hours to go shopping, even just for one outfit. Getting all the perfect pieces for my costume individually would be time-consuming, so I personally prefer to order my costume altogether. If you’re looking for a fast way to get your whole costume together, Amazon is the way to go. Amazon literally has everything, and a majority of students have Prime, allowing them to get their costume with free shipping and in just two days. If you don’t have it, a hack you could use is to order off your friends or other family member’s account. You’ll find reasonable prices, won’t have to get off your couch, and get the costume just in time for Halloween.

3. Target

Speaking of places that have literally everything…Target. There isn’t a time where I’ve ever gone to Target looking for something and I haven’t found it. Whether it’s a simple prop for your costume, white leggings, and a shirt to go under your costume, face paint for the blood under your fangs, or the whole entire costume, Target has it all. The other convenient thing? Everyone loves Target, so they’re pretty much everywhere. Still in need of a costume? Head over to the closest Target today after school and pick up those cheap camo pants for your soldier costume with a matching camo T-shirt.

4. Dollar Tree

This next place is absolutely perfect for your Halloween costume props, but I definitely wouldn’t recommend relying on it for your whole costume. The Dollar Tree stores are amazing because they have every toy or prop that you might need for your costume…all for only a dollar. Last year, on my cross country team, we had a spirit week for Halloween, and Dollar Tree saved my costume on multiple occasions. Whether you need a ninja turtle mask, or a turtle shell for your Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costume, this store has it all and for a cheap price.

5. Spirit Halloween/Halloween City

I put this as the last choice for a couple of reasons. Their costumes are super overpriced and a total scam, and you can definitely get a pretty similar costume to the one you’re buying from Spirit Halloween, at any of the above four places listed, for half of the price. My reasoning for putting these two places on the list is more for the experience. Halloween City has different types of Halloween props that people put on their lawns to scare trick or treaters, which is super fun to go around the store and look at. Halloween City even has a tiny Halloween Haunted House in the store. Spirit Halloween and Halloween City are awesome places for a little pre-Halloween hype with your friends and a place to laugh with them while searching for some expensive costumes.