Newest Version of Call of Duty Modern Warfare Is Filled With Mixed Emotions


Poster for recent Call of Duty Modern Warfare video game.

By Stefan Simic, Staff Writer

On Friday, Oct. 25, 2019, the latest edition of Call of Duty, the notorious first-person shooter game, was released to the public. As soon as servers went live early Thursday, social media sites like YouTube and Instagram were flooded with COD content. The internet blew up because of how different this game was compared to their previous titles. There were mixed feelings about the game in the gaming community, as some people praised the game and others condemned it.

The game, overall, is pretty good. The moving mechanics are smooth, the guns are balanced, and the kill-streaks aren’t too over-powered. The games offer you to choose from a variety of weapons and allow you to equip up to five attachments. Each weapon has more than enough camouflage and attachments, allowing the user to be more interactive with the game. This game is also the first Call of Duty game to include cross-play, allowing people playing on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC to play together. This also allows people a chance to play a video game with their friends who play on different consoles.

The game also has a lot of flaws that hopefully the creators will address sooner rather than later. The first major issue in this game is campers, gamers who sit in corners/houses all game, with a trap set up to watch their back. In almost every single game I have played so far, I have come in contact with a camper. Some games would have multiple campers, which basically made the game unplayable. It was so aggravating when I would be playing good and having fun, then being killed by a camper. It was a total vibe kill.

The major second issue of the game is shotguns. Shotguns plague the game and can make almost every single game unenjoyable. Almost everyone uses a shotgun with a long barrel attachment, making the range on the weapon similar to the range of an assault rifle. Also, some extreme and hardcore players run a submachine gun as their primary and a shotgun as their secondary. This allows them to push and give them a good chance of surviving close quarter combat.

The third and final issue of this game is claymores. Claymores are probably the most annoying thing in this game because you can literally place one anywhere. A claymore, for those who don’t know, is an explosive trap that goes off once the tripwire is broken. In this game, claymores are very powerful and sensitive, therefore a simple mistake may be a fatal one. People commonly use claymores when they camp or secure an objective, so getting behind the enemy in this game is very challenging.

Overall, the game does have its issues, but playing with friends and trying out the news guns and mechanics really makes it fun. The gaming community believes that the game has a lot of potential, but these serious problems must be addressed by the developers and because of this, I would rate it a seven out of ten.

For more information on the game, please visit Call of Duty’s official website.