Lose You to Love Me: An Excellent Start to Selena’s Comeback


By Alli Lipsit, Staff Writer

About a week ago, Selena Gomez released her new single “Lose You to Love Me”, and a day later, she released “Look at Her Now”. Just a week later, “Lose You to Love Me” is first on Spotify’s Today’s Top Hits, and 15 on the Billboards Top 100 Hits, just five places away from her ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber‘s new song with Dan and Shay, “10000 Hours.”

Gomez’s activity in the music industry has been very minimal lately, with no albums since her 2015 album “Revival,” and just a few singles being released. The lack of new music has disappointed her fans greatly, but as of last week, there’s no need to feel disappointed.

Although Gomez plans on releasing a full album (the release date hasn’t been announced yet), I can say as a fan of Gomez, I am already satisfied with her comeback. “Lose You to Love Me” has been playing on repeat for the past week since it came out, and I can’t stop listening to it.

The song is emotional and beautiful, but most importantly, it’s very raw. The lyrics tell a story about a woman who belittled herself and had a difficult time loving herself because of a toxic relationship. As the song nears the chorus, you can almost hear the sincerity of the words as if you, the person listening, is the one she’s talking to. And every time the chorus ends, the story begins again, but it doesn’t get old or repetitive.

Speaking of the person she’s talking to in the song, there have been a lot of rumors. Could it be about her other ex-boyfriend Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, better known as The Weeknd, who she’s been broken up with for over a year now? This seemed to be a common one online, but nothing about the conspiracies concerning Tesfaye was too convincing.

The most common theory is that the song is about her first love and long term boyfriend (now ex), Justin Bieber. Gomez and Bieber were on and off for a while, and there were a lot of rumors about cheating on his part. What really got me to consider this theory was that Bieber is about to get married. As Bieber officially moves on from Gomez and into his new life, is it finally time for Selena to start to love herself again?

Personally, I don’t know. I think it’s unfair to connect a person to the song because it’s so emotional. It could be about anyone or anything, Gomez has been through a lot in the last five years. Assuming things about the song that may not be true, give it a certain connotation that may not be realistic to the song. The song is so beautiful and raw that doing this would be unfair to Gomez.

The song, in my opinion, is great not only because it’s catchy and emotional, but because it’s a great message for a lot of people, especially young people like teenagers. A lot of times people our age will jump into a relationship just to be in one, and if it’s the wrong person, you end up losing a lot of respect for yourself. I think it’s important everyone values self-love, especially in a relationship, even if you feel that the love or affection you get from a partner is enough.

Selena really emphasizes this in her song, and you can tell self-love is something she struggled with for a while, but that she’s bounced back and learned to love herself again.

With all of that being said, I’d give the song a ten out of ten. It’s an excellent start to the (hopeful) comeback Gomez is on the road to, and I encourage everyone to at least give it a listen, even if it’s not at the top of your favorite’s playlist like it is on mine. The beat and melody of the song will most definitely put you in your feels and have you obsessed with the raw realness of this piece.