Nationals Take Game 7 to Win World Series


By Ethan Carey, Sports Editor

In a series that came down to the final game, the Washington Nationals were able to defeat former World Series Champions Houston Astros in game seven to claim and hoist the team’s very first World Series title in franchise history.

At the beginning of the series, the Nationals came out of the door hot, scoring 17 runs through the first two games. The Nats took a good lead going into game three but couldn’t seem to get it done back at home for the next three games where they lost going down 3-2 in the series. Miraculously, this was the first time ever in a world series that neither team won a home game as the Nats won both games six and seven winning it all.

The fact that a wild card team was able to dethrone the division-winning Astros was surprising enough besides the fact that the Nats had a much lower chance of winning it all during the regular season compared to the Astros.

“This year’s world series was especially surprising because a wild card team was able to defeat a division winner. It was the biggest shock to me because the Astros had one of the league’s best records compared to the Nationals who were able to squeak in the wild card spot,” junior Alma Osmankic said.

The Nats were especially led by their hot bats and players like Anthony Rendon and Howie Kendrick delivering home runs in the most clutch moments of the games that mattered most.

“The Nationals really gave it their all throughout the postseason and veteran players like Rendon and Kendrick really lead the team on the offensive side during the playoffs. I’m surprised because the Nationals bullpen isn’t the greatest, but the Astros couldn’t seem to hit them very well,” Osmankic said.

Many fans across the league were rooting for the Nats, as it was their first time making it to a world series, let alone winning it all.

“In my opinion, I thought the Nationals were able to beat the Astros in this series because they had a statement to make. During the regular season, they had what seemed like less than a percent chance of actually winning, so being the underdogs and making it that far in gave them the drive to keep going,” sophomore Alex Cherian said.

The Nats had some of the most clutch hitting and remarkable pitching not only in the world series but pretty much throughout the entire post-season.

“Pitching and clutch hitting, the pitching for the Nats was outstanding the whole series, and they were getting hits when they needed too unlike the Astros, and that is what is going to make you win every time,” junior Sean Holbrook said.

There are now 143 days until the next time a pitch will be thrown in the MLB, and one of the great things about the league is that it can be unpredictable, and there is no saying who has a chance to win it all next year. The only way to find out is to wait patiently and watch until the post-season comes rolling around again in 2020.

“Now that the season is done, it is a new beginning for the next season. I think that the next season will bring some good games, but I don’t think that much is going to change, the top teams in each division are still going to be battling it out to be the best. There are always gonna be curveballs and incidents that are gonna hit some teams, and that’s going to be the major impact next season, and I already can’t wait to watch some baseball,” Cherian said.