2019-2020 Girls Basketball Preview


Ethan Carey

The girls varsity basketball team cheering on their teammates during the first half of the game on senior night.

By Jojo Beiza, Staff Writer

As the holiday season is rolling in, both girls and boys basketball are coming in with it. With the majority of the girls on varsity graduating last year, the current team is proudly made up of mostly juniors, and just one senior. With the girls taking every advantage they had to work hard during the off season, they seem to have created a close bond as well as good communication among one another.

“Although i’m not the best or I might not even be good, I genuinely enjoy playing basketball. All thoughout middle school and high school, playing basketball has been apart of who I am. I enjoy spending time with my teammates and coaches as well as spending time practicing and better myself for the team. Every year I learn something new and I believe that playing a sport has been an important part of my development,” senior Julia Ruth said. “Learning about my capabilities and being able to push my limits plays a significant role in who I am today. I decided to play again this year because it will be the last time I play basketball on a competitive organized team. I want to enjoy my senior year of high school, and playing basketball will play a large contribution in my senior year experience.”

As the only senior on this years team, Ruth is ready to take responsibilities and put a good foot forward  not just for herself, but for her teammates who still have a year or two at West.

Junior Vasi Garbis has been playing for the girls basketball team since freshman year.

“Basketball has truly been a learning experience. My growth on this team gas improved so much since I was a freshman, that I see myself as a completely different player. Freshman year was a little bit of a struggle, but sophomore year I really pushed myself to my fullest potential,” Garbis said. “Now, I am a junior still looking to improve, no matter how much growth I have gotten. This team has really brought me new relationships and goals in life I never thought I would have coming into high school as a freshman.”

Sophomore Samantha Khoury is playing for the junior varsity team this year. Despite playing for another level, Khoury is following in the varsity members footsteps. With the same goals, she also hopes for a promising season with the program.

“I have been playing basketball since the 3rd grade with a park district team. Basketball has impacted my life by keeping me busy, focused on my priorities, and helped keeping me in shape. It also made me want to improve myself on the court and become a better player and student. I wanted to join the Niles West team because with this program I get to learn the importance of fundamentals and teamwork, not only that, but I get to know some of my classmate a little better,” Khoury said.

With last years record being 16-11, the girls are hoping for a season with not only wins, but good sportsmanship and communication with one another, on and off the court. Make sure to come out and support the varsity girls at their first game, November 18th, at York High School at 5:30pm.