Boys Swimming Preview 2019-2020


Mateo Acosta

Sophomore Will Thannert swimming the 100 fly.

By Alli Lipsit, Staff Writer

As the temperature drops and snow begins to fall, the fall sports seasons end and the winter sports seasons start getting ready to see what their future has in store for them this year.

Among these winter sports is boys swimming, and they have wasted no time in getting ready for the upcoming season. They already have goals in mind, and they’re prepared to reach them.

“This season, I think there is a big push to have a couple of relays make to state. Last year, we were just barely off the mark, and we definitely see ourselves being able to be on that big stage at the state meet,” senior Jake Cachilla said.

But of course, with accomplishing goals, comes hard work and determination.

“I think we’re all really determined to do well this year, and the only way we can get to that point is obviously to just keep practicing, so that’s what we plan to do. Working hard during practice will definitely pay off in games,” junior Will Thannert said.

Cachilla has a similar mindset when it comes to hard work.

“We are very much a brotherhood and push each other, and I feel this season is no different, ” Cachilla said.

The theme of not only handwork and determination to get results but a supportive community is once again presented in this year’s varsity boys swim team with another fellow member of the swim team.

“Hard work in and out of practice and a dedication to win, that’s what it’s going to take,” junior Adrian Arakis said.

Arakis especially feels this confidence because of the dynamics of the team.

“I like how close everyone is. I feel like it’s a family, and everyone is always welcoming, which is so great,” Arakis said.

As seen, the boys certainly have a great mindset going into the season, with a lot of goals. Overall, the boys are hoping to not only qualify for sectionals as a team but to get in some state-qualifying relays as well.

The boys swimming season practices will begin Nov. 26 and will have their first meet against Niles North on Dec. 13.