An Update on the School Day Schedule

By Ivana Kosir

Since the publication of the school day schedule article on Sept. 19, new discussions and ideas have been brought up regarding the school day schedule.

To clarify,  a schedule change would not take place until the school board and the teacher’s union come to a consensus. As principal Kaine Osburn notes, the schedule change is a “negotiable item,” and it is “all speculation” at this point.

The Teacher’s Union, NTFT, president Pankaj Sharma doesn’t expect the change to happen anytime soon.

“I am guessing that a change would only start in the 2013-2014 school year, but that is only a guess,” Sharma said.

Osburn reminds all that an eight-period schedule is only one of the many different types of schedules being looked into right now.

As brought up in the comments of  “Committee Studies School-Day Schedule,” Osburn explained how an eight-period schedule would not affect electives. In a nine-period day, if students filled up their schedules (excluding early-bird options), the maximum amount of classes that would fit would be eight. This is due to science courses taking up two periods (lab doubles). Although students are only in doubles twice a week, the other three days a week cannot be filled with an elective. On an eight period schedule, there would most likely not be doubles, so students will still be able to enroll in a maximum of eight classes, the same maximum amount they can be enrolled in with a nine period schedule.

Osburn said that another problem with a nine-period schedule is the overcrowding of study halls, especially periods 2, 5, and 8. During eighth period, there are more than 400 students assigned to a study hall, according to Osburn. This affects the amount of available space in places like the cafeteria and literary center. By altering the schedule, issues like these could be solved, he said.

Senior Heather Koder thinks that a schedule change would be beneficial.

“People are fighting to get into certain places. It’d be a lot less chaotic [with a change in the schedule],” Koder said.

Sophomore Chintha Vongsakulvong doesn’t think a change is necessary.

“I think that the schedule works now,” Vongsakulvong said.