David Guetta’s New Album Nothing but the Beat Speaks for Itself

By Gabrielle Abesamis

Grammy winner for Best Remix Recording and multi-platinum selling DJ and Producer, David Guetta, has been taking the  DJ-ing world by storm for almost 30 years now. He is famous all over Europe and began his mixing career in Paris at the age of 17. Soon to be 44 years old, David ‘s persistence clearly reflects the in the brilliance and passion of his songs.

“Everything I’m trying to do – in my DJing, my production – is about sharing emotion. When I’m making music in the studio that’s all I’m looking for. It’s what matters the most”, Guetta admits in his fan page biography.

With clever collaborations that include many record breaking artists, he released his fifth studio album, Nothing But the Beat, on August 30, 2011. All things considered, the CD was terrific. Guetta uses amplification and syncopation to its advantage in this album. The mixes are great to wake up to, dance in clubs to, and even clean your room to; hence the title of the album. Listeners are bound to be caught bopping their heads or tapping their feet if they weren’t already dancing. I will definitely be recommending most of these tracks for our Homecoming play list.

The first song is “Where Them Girls At” feat. Flo Rida & Nicki Minaj. It reminds me so much of “Good Girls Go Bad” by Cobra Starship feat. Leighton Meester. The beat is great as motivation for working out or dancing, and what sets it apart from the Cobra Starship song is the rap transitions from Nicki Minaj. The song starts off in Flo Rida’s male perspective that’s overwhelmed with the females in the club. Then Nicki shows her side of the males in the club. If you listen closely to her part of the song, the controversy is quite entertaining.

The bass in the beginning of the second song “Little Bad Girl” feat. Taio Cruz & Ludacris would be a perfect song to set the mood at clubs and parties. The instrumental intensity of the song would be responsible for causing plenty of energy in any environment. Beats of the song should be the focus when others are listening because the lyrics get rather repetitive and old.

Turn Me On” feat. Nicki Minaj is the third song in the album. The beginning of the song has a very calm techno beat and a gratifying part for Nicki Minaj’s voice. She should stick to being a rapper because her raw voice doesn’t stand out as a singer. The tone is very common and the peaks of the song were very predictable. Typically, this song would be played towards the end of the party once the energy starts to die down.

Guetta made a wise decision in working together with Snoop Dogg for the fourth song in the album ”Sweat.” His soft voice grabs attention no matter how monotonous the lyrics are. Not only should this song be played in clubs, but I can also see myself listening to this song while driving in a car late at night. It’s got that relaxed rhythm that makes listeners focused and comfortable.

The fifth song, “Without You” feat. Usher is my favorite song in the album. Usher sings the melody to perfection. The lyrics about love are perceptive and inspiring. I wouldn’t really recommend this song for a club. The beat isn’t calm enough for slow dancing, but it isn’t fast enough for dancing at a club either. It’s perfect for lyrical dancing and trying to go to sleep.

Nothing Really Matters” feat. Will. I. Am. is the sixth song in the album. It really reveals Will. I. Am.’s talent. Listeners will discover that the base of Black Eyed Peas songs would be nowhere without him. I was put in a cheerful mood while listening to this song. The beat is very lively and uplifting. Will. I. Am.’s lyrics unfold the story behind the title of the album Nothing But the Beat. This song is practically appropriate for any situation besides a funeral.

The seventh song, “I Can Only Imagine” feat. Chris Brown & Lil Wayne, is very suitable for a partying environment. Chris Brown’s melody complements Lil Wayne’s rapping. As for the beat, it has a very bold ring to it. It pales in comparison to other party mixes but it isn’t bad at all.

The next song, “Crank It Up” feat. Akon has a very vivacious beat. It would be very common if it were played in the radio, especially since most of Akon’s songs are about a girl that caught his eye. It’s an ideal for a song that’s easy to dance to. In fact, I’ve heard it in my Zumba class long before I knew about the album and I always looked forward to when it came up.

I Just Wanna F” feat. Timbaland & Dev is a very awkward song to review for school. It wouldn’t be appropriate to play in a student environment because of it’s promiscuous lyrics. The beats on the other hand are fine if the lyrics were ignored.

The tenth song, “Lunar” is a fair enough techno song considering the fact that it doesn’t have any lyrics. The melody and harmony repeat a lot though. If it were played from a random part, one would not be able to detect if it were in the middle or the end. Clubs shouldn’t play all five minutes and sixteen seconds of it because it gets very boring. In fact, I found it disappointing, and it should have never been included in the album in the first place.

Night Of Your Life” Feat. Jennifer Hudson sounds very similar to the third song with NIcki Minaj. If David Guetta was looking to incorporate both artists in his album, then the two artists should have just been singing in the same song. The beat is almost identical to “ Turn Me On”. The only positive factor in the song is Jennifer Hudson’s strapping voice. If they were played within the same hour at the same location, people would probably think it was the same song

The twelfth song “Repeat” Feat. Jessie J is very catchy. Jessie J has a very nice voice and the lyrics are very catchy. I can see this song being one of the tracks in a Dance Dance Revolution Game. I wouldn’t expect this song to come from a Guetta Album because the harmony is lively in a different way. It’s more of something that would be played at a slumber party or a little girl’s birthday party instead of at a club.

The last song “Titanium” Feat. Sia has an average harmony. The transitions are my favorite part because it shows that the instrumental part and also the lyrics aren’t too dull. For some reason, the song is very different compared to the other songs in the album. The lyrics “I’m bullet proof, nothing to lose, fire away” shows a lot about David Guetta and his career. Listeners can really tell that he enjoys what he is doing and it isn’t a surprise that he is good at it either. It’s a great way to end the album.