West, North, and Lane Tech Wrestling Meet Recap


Emily Mendieta

The two students stand their ground as they try to tack down the other.

By JoJo Beiza, Staff Writer

On Dec. 3rd, our wrestling team took place in multiple matches against two schools, our rivals Niles North, and Lane Tech. All levels, freshmen, JV, and varsity, were competing in the meet this past Tuesday. With the big event being held here at Niles West, the wrestling gyms bleachers were filled with supporting parents and students from all three schools.

Prior to the meet beginning at 5pm, the wrestlers were busy as they were rolling out the mats and beginning to warm their bodies up for the long night ahead of them.

Junior varsity member Brandon Manogura had an experience at this years North meet that completely sidetracked from when he first started two years ago as a freshman.

“This year I was able to see first hand what a real varsity wrestling match was like and actually win! Although on JV, I felt like it was a huge match with everyone watching. Since Niles North first entered the wrestling room, I knew I wanted to kick the butt of anyone I was going to wrestle. When I stepped on the mat and looked at my opponent, I became anxious due to the fact he was fifty pounds heavier than I was. But I took a deep breath and wrestled him like I have been training to wrestle,” said Manogura. “As soon as he came in contact with me I was pushed back and had to reevaluate what I was going to do in that moment. I snapped his head down to the mat and covered him to get my two takedown points. In the end I pinned Niles North and won.”

Because of Manogura and his other teammates, the junior varsity beat both Niles North’s and Lane Tech’s junior varsity team. Senior Ethan Yanez was along side Manogura, for his second year on the wrestling team.

“Wrestling JV is different from varsity but I still have a lot of fun wrestling. My matches went pretty well, I gained a lot of experience and even pinned the kid I wrestled from Niles North,” said Yanez. “I think this year I wrestle a lot better than I did last year. I am more experienced and I know what to do in certain situations in which I didn’t know what to do last year,”

Bringing another win to the record, the varsity team also won against our rivals. Senior Hana Richter was one of the many to compete varsity.

“After coming back from nationals and doing nothing but training this summer, I definitely noticed that I have improved in some areas. As for this year, our coaches always go over the top in making sure their wrestlers are taken care of and I especially appreciate all that the coaches have done for me,’ said Richter. “This meet is different than others because for starters we had three schools. It was a very intense meet because we had our rival there as well as another team that we always strive to beat. The meet for me was really fun but nerve wracking. It was another excellent experience to get some mat time and really put some of the skills I have learned to use. I had two matches and pinned both of them in my first period so that was exciting. My goals for my future in wrestling is working on becoming a more fluid wrestler and not being as sloppy with my technique,”

Starting off on a great note at just the beginning of the season, the wrestlers have what seems to be like a very successful season coming their way. Come support the athletes at their next meet, this Friday at Maine South at 5pm.