Niles West Winter Dance: Something New


By Alli Lipsit, Staff Writer

If you’ve ever envied friends at other schools for having more than just one homecoming dance, or watched those sappy high school coming of ages films wondering why Niles West couldn’t have just one more dance to enjoy throughout the year, fear no more, the first ever Niles West winter dance is here.

However, if you’re someone who hates Homecoming, and usually chooses not to go, don’t stop reading!

This new Winter “dance” might be just the thing for you, because it’s not necessarily just a dance.

MyBOOMTour, the Disjockey we all know and love, is going on a special tour this year, stopping at schools like GBS, GBN, Addison Trail, and of course, Niles West, with something a little different. Their goal, along with the schools, is to create a fun school event with an environment that’s welcoming to everyone, but also appealing.

“Boom, who does our homecoming, came up with a festival idea. So, there is a DJ, there’s multiple stages, there’s things for everybody. So kids who don’t like dances, there’s a video game area. Kids that don’t necessarily love the music, there’s a silent disco,” Katie Odell, student activities director said.

That pretty much sums up all the info about the festival’s activities that is available right now, but some other option for the night includes inflatables, art, and a merch area, alongside several dancing stations. For more information on the night’s activities, ask Mrs. Odell about a video MyBoomTour made, recapping on previous festivals like the one West will be having.

“There really is something for everyone,” Odell said.

The best part? The dress is casual! Feel free to show up in jeans, or even sweats. No need to go out and buy a dress, suit, or corsage. Black attire is preferred.

The festival will take place at Niles North, in the Niles North fieldhouse, with Niles North. Because it’s the first time either West or North has done an event like this, outside guests will not be welcome, and tickets are on a first come first serve basis, and there will be a cap to how many tickets will be sold in order to conserve space in the field house.

Ticket prices will be the same as Homecoming, $20 if you buy the week of, $25 at the door if tickets aren’t sold out.

The dance will be held on Friday, March 13.