Sushi Tokoro: A Japanese Delight


Aila Durakovic

Sushi at Sushi Tokoro served on a wooden boat.

By Aila Durakovic, Social Media Editor

Being introduced to the world of sushi was one of the most life-changing experiences in my life. It may not be everyone’s favorite meal, but it definitely is mine. Over time I’ve tried a variety of places that have sushi on the menu, but Sushi Tokoro is by far my favorite yet.

Located on 4750 N Western Ave in Chicago sits a cute little Japanese restaurant. Right when you walk in, there’s just an automatic chill vibe inside. With LED lights wrapping across the entire room and the small but spacious area for dining, the atmosphere is just exciting but calming at the same time. I noticed it’s also a very clean and tidy restaurant which is always a positive.

Going out to eat at Sushi Tokoro is how my brother and I bond every once in a while. We both are obsessed with this place because it’s good quality sushi, it’s all you can eat, and it’s affordable. Some sushi places really have you run your pockets and it’s just not worth it when there are places like this. Dining in for lunch is $16.95 and dinner is $21.95. Mind you, it’s all you can eat including appetizers and desserts.

The presentation of the food is also very appealing. Depending on how much you order, they serve you either with a plate or with a wooden boat/bridge. Every time I go, my brother and I order about 5o pieces of sushi and it’s served to us in an adorable wooden boat with a little decoration around it. The bridge is also just as satisfying to see.

I highly recommend starting off with the crab rangoon, crab with cream cheese stuffed in fried dough. It’s absolutely amazing. Honestly, I don’t know what sushi we order. I let my brother pick it out because I eat whatever we get. We’ve tried almost every single one on the menu, and there isn’t one that I didn’t like. You truly cannot go wrong with mostly anything on the menu and I live by that.

With the casual aura and the constant happy energy, I really do love to dine here. There’s just such a welcoming and comforting feeling when you’re there, and the food just tops it all off. I’d give this place an 11/10. My brother and I both agree if we could both choose our all-time favorite restaurant, it’d be Sushi Tokoro.