International Week: Croatian Club Participates After an Eight Year Hiatus

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International Week: Croatian Club Participates After an Eight Year Hiatus

Julie Abelson

By Sarah Waters, News Editor and Academics Editor

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Editor’s Note: This is the first in a series of International Week stories about ethnic clubs to highlight the diversity of Niles West.

Croatian Club, one of the five clubs participating in International Week this year, is returning to the festivities after an eight-year hiatus. The club was relaunched this year to serve both the school’s population of Croatian students and those interested in Croatian culture.

“This is actually Croatian Club’s first International Week since 2012,” senior Kat Kraljevic said. “In the past, the club has performed dances at International Night from different regions of Croatia like Lika and Hercegovina.”

This year, Croatian Club is planning to sell food during lunch periods, a staple feature of International Week. During third through seventh period this week, students and staff will have the opportunity to buy a variety of international foods from participating clubs.

“This year, we are selling traditional foods you would often see people selling at restaurants and bakeries in Croatia, like cevapi [a grilled minced meat dish], krofne [round doughnuts with sweet fillings], and other foods,” Kraljevic said.

Some students are eager to try Croatian Club’s new spread this year.

“I’m really excited to try all the food they’re going to have,” senior Zach Werth said. “It’s just really exciting to have so many different types of food that I wouldn’t get to normally eat.”

“I love the international feasts,” senior Christian Mancino said. “I get so excited to try all the tasty foods from all the clubs. I also love listening to the music during passing periods.”

In addition to selling food, the club will also perform at International Night on Friday, Feb. 7 in the auditorium at an after-school event. The club’s performance will be centered on Croatian culture and will feature elements from the Croatian heritage. The club rehearsed after school on Monday and will continue to practice throughout the week.

The Friday night performances, which also feature other heritage clubs at Niles West, will be complemented by a feast with more food provided by the clubs.

Since the club restarted this year, club members are excited to again be a part of the international community at Niles West.

“My favorite part of rebirthing Croatian Club is seeing how many Croatians there are at Niles West,” Kraljevic said. “Being able to interact with so many different cultures helps me learn new things every day.”