International Week: Chinese Club

Chinese club members get together to start the rehearsal.

By Daniel Navarro, Staff Writer

Editor’s Note: This is the third in a series of International Week stories about ethnic clubs to highlight the diversity of Niles West.

Chinese club is more than just a place of cultural practice; it’s a comfortable environment as students socialize and feel like they belong in that space.

When asked what she enjoys about Chinese club, senior Kaitlin Almalbis didn’t hesitate to answer.

“What I enjoy about this club is mainly because a lot of the people are from Chinese class, but there are some that aren’t, and we’re pretty much a close-knit group so a lot of the times even though we’re not really practicing it’s a lot more fun to just talk around and practice Chinese, also learning more about the Chinese culture,” Almalbis said.

Chinese club has been known for giving members a place to meet new people and display new things to the members, and as for junior Yukio Nang, Chinese club is more than just a meeting.

“It’s a nice place to socialize because some of my friends are in here and it’s also nice to learn more about the culture like the dances, foods, and stuff like that, and I like watching the dances because they’re interesting to watch,” Nang said.

The Chinese culture is one of the oldest in the world, originating around 2,200 years ago. The customs of the Chinese empire still remain intact around the world, as Niles West’s very own Chinese club showcases this Friday, here in the auditorium.

The Chinese club will be performing two dances for International Fest. One lion dance, which has never been done before, and a traditional fan and ribbon dance, which is choreographed by the students.

International week, which is taking place this week (Feb 3-7) here at Niles West, has a variety of activities for students to engage in culminating with International Fest Night in the auditorium Friday night. This event is designed for the numerous cultural clubs to showcase their country’s native clothing and dances.

For Chinese teacher and club sponsor Wileen Hsing, international week is more than just showcasing the students’ talents.

“I’m most excited to see the students’ hard work through the whole year pay off, and all the dances come together, and then the celebration of all the cultures,” Hsing said.

Make sure to check out Chinese club perform this Feb. 7, at 7 pm in the auditorium. You won’t want to miss it.