Turnabout Canceled This Year

By Ali Toth

Hopefully students at Niles West enjoyed themselves at Homecoming last week because there won’t be another dance for underclassmen until Homecoming 2012.

According to this year’s school calendar, there will be no Turnabout dance. This decision, student activities director Jessica Ogulnik said, was prompted by student reactions to the dance.

“There wasn’t an interest,” said Ogulnik.

Due to the cancellation of Turnabout, she said, this means that the only dances this year are Homecoming and Prom.

So far, student reactions have been neutral.

“I haven’t really gone [to Turnabout]. It’s not really a big impact,” said junior Jane Kwak.

Meanwhile, senior Zareen Kamal said, “I don’t think it matters, since there are other dances.”

As to Turnabout coming back, Ogulnik said, “Once there’s a demand for it, it’ll come back. I’m not going to chase [students] around.”