Melissa Isaacson “State” Contest at West

By Alli Lipsit, Staff Writer

Niles West is holding a contest to honor alum and author Melissa Isaacson and her new book, “State.” One student per grade level will have the opportunity to win $250 by writing an essay or another creative form of expression, to answer one of the five prompts given.

Niles West is proud to call award-winning author Isaacson a part of our alumni, especially in light of her new book “State,” which came out in August. “State” follows the journey of high school for Isaacson and her teammates, as they battle not only the sexism present after the recent passing of Title IX, (which was made in order to keep high school sports equal between girls and boys) but their own personal conflicts as well.

The prompts are as follows:

  1. Choose a quote from Melissa Isaacson’s STATE that inspired you. How have her words connected with your personal journey, or how will they have an impact on your life?
  2. Two major themes that emerge in Melissa Isaacson’s STATE explore the concepts of “individuality” and “community.” Compare and contrast your experiences with hers in understanding the relationship between the roles and responsibilities of individuals within a larger community.
  3. In STATE, Melissa Isaacson discusses the importance of Title IX and the lasting impact it’s had on athletics and her personal development. Do a little more reading on Title IX and discuss the relationship between your understanding of Title IX and the influence it has on your civil rights and/or responsibilities as an individual within a community.
  4. You don’t need to be an athlete to connect with Melissa Isaacson’s memoir. Discuss whether STATE changed your perspective on sports, particularly your perspective on women in sports.
  5. The themes listed below emerged in Melissa Isaacson’s STATE. Show the relationship between the text, one or more of those themes, and your worldview or experiences.

    Social standing

Each of the winners will receive their awards at Accolades on May 13.

In order to participate, you must read Isaacson’s book “State.” You can pick a copy up at the Lit Center, one of the English offices, library, main office, and the athletic office.

Good luck to all participating! More information is available here.