Top 5 Restaurants to Take Your Valentine

Top 5 Restaurants to Take Your Valentine

By Marija Kraljevic , Arts and Entertainment and Photo Editor

Valentine’s Day is here, and if you’re someone who doesn’t have an idea of where to take your significant other, you’re in luck. It doesn’t matter if you’re single, taken, somewhere in between, or just looking for a place to take your friend and have a fun Valentine’s Day activity in the city–we’ve got you covered. Here are the top five restaurants in Chicago to take your Valentine’s date:

1. Giordano’s

As one of the most iconic and popular pizza places in Chicago, this is the perfect Valentine’s date. Giordano’s is located in numerous locations around Chicago and in the suburbs and serves great quality Italian food. The best dish for Valentine’s Day dates? The deep dish heart-shaped pizzas.  Any Giordano’s restaurant will have that casual yet romantic atmosphere that sets the mood wonderfully. Other than pizza, they serve a variety of salads, sandwiches, and delicious appetizers perfect for you and your date.

2. Wildfire

One of the most popular steakhouses in Chicago, Wildfire serves high-end steaks that leave you wanting more and more. Located in Chicago on 159 W Erie Street and in Glenview on 1300 Patriot Blvd., Wildfire is pricey yet very fancy for you and your Valentine’s date. Wildfire serves different combinations of steak, fish, and ribs with a variety of sides to enhance your meal. The whole fancy aesthetic of the steakhouse will most likely make your date happy or even impressed with your taste in picking venues for your dates. If you’re looking for a cheap place to eat; however, Wildfire is most definitely not the place. The high-end steak and fish lead to an expensive bill, so be aware of that.

3. 3 Arts Club Cafe

Located in the Gold Coast region of Chicago on 1300 N Dearborn Pkwy, the 3 Arts Club Cafe is the prettiest and most fancy dinner date for you and your date. As crystal chandeliers hang above the dinner tables and couches and the large and elegant water fountain in the heart of everything, this restaurant makes you feel like you’re in a different world. The clean and chic look of the restaurant will leave you with picture perfect opportunities for you and your date to post and remember the night. The overall food is delicious and filling, but it’s quite pricey. The restaurant itself is also located in the furniture store Restoration Hardware, so after you and your date eat you can visit the high-end and comfortable furniture above.

4. Santa Monica Summer House

Located in Chicago on 1954 N Halsted Street, the Santa Monica Summer House is a restaurant with a sunny layout that gives you wholesome summer vibes. The restaurant sells tropical drinks, salads, sorbets, and grilled dishes in a space with an atrium. The best part about their Valentine’s day specials includes their love-inspired desserts such as the toasted brown sugar meringue and red velvet and heart-shaped iced sugar cookies. They also have chocolate chip cupcakes with passion fruit curd & toasted brown sugar meringue.

5. Stan’s Donuts & Coffee

If you’re just looking for a cute place to go to after dinner with your date, head over to Stan’s Donuts and Coffee. With plenty of locations around the downtown area, this donut shop offers coffee, doughnuts, and more. It’s one of the most popular doughnut places in Chicago and its food is fresher and tastier than Dunkin Donuts. Instead of buying your crush a box of chocolates, just get them a box of a dozen donuts. As a Valentine’s day special, Stan’s Donuts and Coffee offers the Chocolate Turtle Cake Donut which is a classic vanilla cake donut topped with chocolate, caramel pecans, and chocolate drizzle. They also have Valentine’s Day Themed Sprinkle Donuts and chocolate-covered Red Velvet Donuts.