Sachio Nang: “A Song of Hope” For Positivity


By Luca Hatzopoulos, Staff Writer

During these difficult times, you’ve probably noticed the immense amount of negativity and non-stop talk about COVID-19. So did senior Sachio Nang. Nang decided that he would use his musical talent to help bring positivity and encouragement to the world through the news and to distract people from this pandemic. The song titled “A Song of Hope” was covered by WGN and CBS, and Nang was also interviewed by FOX News.

“I submitted my story about the song to news stations because I noticed that a lot of the news was really negative. I thought that it would be nice to have something positive and encouraging on the news,” Nang said. “The song is a song about bringing hope and positivity in the world during a time where we need it most. I wrote it as a sort of anthem to build each other up during this time.”

Nang got over hundreds of video submissions of people singing his song as well as playing their instruments. His Facebook post instantly got a tremendous amount of recognition from numerous people who were dying to be a part of his project.

“I saw Sachio’s Facebook post and thought he came up with a pretty cool idea. I then saw his video and song being played on the news, and I thought that was an incredible opportunity he created for himself in order to get recognition,” senior Peter Kougias said.

Having his own song being played on the news was a monumental moment for Nang. Not only did he get to showcase his songwriting skill, but he also got to spread happiness to others, which was his main goal.

“Having my song on the news as a senior in high school is such a new experience for me. I would have never thought that I’d be on the news, writing a song and having 50 plus people from just around the world, most of whom I don’t know, play it, it was truly an amazing feeling, and I’m still very shocked and just trying to take it all in,” Nang said.

Nang has always had a strong passion for music, so it isn’t surprising that he would be able to hear his song on the news. He started playing piano when he was about five years old and eventually started composing his own music in the 5th grade.

“He was always into music. He played clarinet in middle school and also the piano. I think it was the beginning of high school where his musicality grew even more. He started playing bass and guitar more often, got more instruments, and also started to make his own music. When it comes to music, he works hard on it. Every single day I see him working on something new. Whether it’s playing drums of a song from a musical or writing his next song, he’s always doing something musically related. His passion for music has always been growing, and I can’t wait to see what he does in the future with his talent,” brother and junior Yukio Nang said.

Nang’s obvious hard work and passion for music paid off, which was something that left him in a “star-struck” moment, that not many kids his age can say they’ve experienced.

“Being interviewed is so weird. It’s like I was a celebrity for a couple minutes. All of the interviews that I’ve done for news stations have been really fun! The anchors/reporters have been really nice, and it’s always nice to see their reactions to some of my answers. It’s nice to see that so many people were interested in my song,” Nang said.

Make sure to check out “A Song of Hope” on YouTube or check it out on CBS!