End of School Year Textbook Return and Student Belonging Pick Up Update


By Alli Lipsit, Staff Writer

As the school year approaches its end, the much-anticipated email from school Principal Dr. Karen Ritter regarding student belonging pick up was sent out today.

In the email, Ritter reminds students that although they do have until May 15 to turn in any late assignments, the teachers also have a deadline to finalize grades, and it’s important to be mindful of their time, especially if you’re a student with a lot of overdue work.

Students will indeed be able to come to the school to pick up their belongings. Niles West staff has gone through all the lockers in the school, placed the clothes, shoes, and other miscellanies in a labeled bag, which students will be able to pick up, following strict social distancing measures (students should not even leave their cars and are not permitted in the building). The staff has also collected textbooks and other school materials that were in lockers that need to be turned in and will check them in for students. Students who have such materials at home will also be able to return any school belongings, which includes textbooks, loaner Chromebooks, and other materials at this time as well.

Niles West staff will be wearing protective gear.

Students will be able to know when to pick up their belongings by following the chart provided in the email, which lists what days certain students may come to the school, based on grade level and initials of last names. The chart is attached below.

More information regarding the pickups will be sent out soon.