Top 5 Anime to Watch on Netflix


By Alma Duskic, Editor in Chief

Most people tend to shy away from anime and deem it weird, or for kids, and I’m here to tell you that it is none of those things. Anime is such an underrated genre of television, even though it has such a widespread audience. A lot of people are too quick to dismiss the genre in its entirety, so I’m here to give my top 5 anime recommendations on Netflix.

1. One Piece

Any veteran anime watcher knows “One Piece.” Coming in at a whopping 931 episodes and still going, “One Piece” is my favorite anime of all time. The show is centered in a universe where pirates are front and center. The main character, Monkey D. Luffy embarks on a quest to be King of the Pirates and obtain the One Piece, an unknown treasure left by the former King of the Pirates, Gol D. Roger. Luffy and his crew, the Straw Hats, named after Luffy’s iconic straw hat, basically wreak havoc everywhere they go, but in a good way. The show is so great, that my favorite character, is someone I’ve only seen about 4 times so far in the show. The writers do such a good job of keeping the mystery alive in the plot while making the show jam-packed of action. I’d give One Piece a 10/10 and would highly recommend it.

2. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Fullmetal was my favorite anime before I watched One Piece. This show follows the story of two brothers, Edward and Alphonse Elric. Both brothers are well versed in Alchemy, a sort of power that allows Edward to manipulate metal into weapons and other forms. After learning alchemy as a young age, the brothers tried to use transmutation to bring back their late mother, which is taboo, and ended up with Ed’s arm and leg being obliterated, and Al’s body being completely destroyed, and in a last-ditch attempt to save him, Ed bonded his soul to a suit of armor, which is the body Al has for the remainder of the show, as they’re still trying to find a way to get their bodies back. The show follows Ed and Al on their journey to retrieve their bodies, while simultaneously juggling their jobs as State Alchemists for the government. I’d rate Fullmetal a 9/10.

3. Haikyuu

“Haikyuu” follows the story of Hinata and Kageyama and their high school volleyball team’s journey into the Japanese high school volleyball league. Hinata is a short ginger kid, who’s stature should not allow him to be a successful volleyball player, but due to his insane speed and jumps, he is a formidable middle. Kageyama has all the right factors to make him an amazing setter, and even though the two have insane tension, they make a great duo. Along with the rest of their Karasuno team, Hinata and Kageyama try to pave the way into the championships. I’d rate Haikyuu an 8/10 only because I have waited so long for the new season to come out.

4. Seven Deadly Sins

This show revolves around Meliodas, The Dragon Sin of Wrath, and the rest of the Seven Deadly Sins. The group is a former band of strong individuals who used to work for the government to protect the people of Britannica. They have since been disbanded, and deemed enemies of the state, and presumed dead. Due to rising tension in the kingdom, Princess Elizabeth seeks out the Seven Deadly Sins to ask for their help to protect the kingdom, as she had always believed that they were good people. Elizabeth manages to get all the sins together, and they embark on their journey to save the kingdom of Britannica. I’d rate “Seven Deadly Sins’ a 9/10 and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys action shows.

5. Hunter x Hunter

“Hunter x Hunter” is the story of Gon and his friends. As a 12-year-old, Gon goes to fulfill his dream of passing the Hunter exam and being a hunter. Through the exam, Gon meets a few friends, like Killua, Kurapika, and Leoria, and a few foes, like Hisoka. Gon travels with his friends, with the purpose of finding his father, who abandoned him as a child. From facing issues with the Phantom Troupe to dealing with the Chimera Ants, Gon, and co. go on various adventures that make the show action-packed. I’d highly recommend “Hunter x Hunter” to anyone who enjoys action shows with a lot of fighting and would rate it a 9/10.