Top 5 Drama Series on Netflix

Top 5 Drama Series on Netflix

By Len Beczko, Staff Writer

Drama is a favorite genre among many people; however, it’s hard to find good and interesting drama shows. You may find some to be not dramatic enough, or perhaps it’s just riddled with bad writing in general. I’m here to tell you my top 5 drama series on Netflix.

1. Criminal Minds
Criminal Minds is a drama classic. Featuring 15 seasons with a total of 299 episodes, this show will keep you company for a very long time. The show is centered around a cast of six FBI agents, specifically members of the Behavioral Analysis Unit, and follows them as they try to think like the un-sub, or unknown subject, to solve a myriad of difficult cases. Each case keeps the viewer captivated by the episode, and the race to catch the un-sub is always a thriller. It’s always interesting to see them explain the thought process behind everything the un-sub does. Another plus would be the fact that there’s also an actual plot going on aside from the case-solving. This makes the series much more interesting, and the characters more real, in a sense—definitely a must-watch show.

2. The Umbrella Academy
The Umbrella Academy is a new-ish arrival to Netflix, first airing in early 2019. As of now, it has two seasons, with a total of 20 episodes. The show follows seven adoptive siblings with extraordinary powers as they try to stop the end of the world. Each episode has a good amount of action and emotion, as well as a fair amount of exposition. The plot is easy to follow and is very interesting. There’s also some very good humor in the series, mainly delivered by (my personal favorite character) Klaus. It’s very entertaining to watch the siblings put aside their differences to come together and stop the end of the world. It’s also interesting to watch them all grow, as well as watch the two weakest siblings turn out to be among the most powerful. I also very much enjoy Five, who is the most level-headed and responsible character, despite appearing to be by far the youngest. Again, a must-watch show.

3. The Greenhouse Academy
The Greenhouse Academy is a show from 2017, featuring four seasons and 40 episodes. It follows a myriad of characters, but one sticks out as the main; Hayley Woods. The shows centers around The Greenhouse Academy, and elite boarding school for future leaders. The students of the school are split into two
groups; the Eagles, who focus on sports and are generally athletic, and the Ravens, who focus on intellectual pursuits and are generally extremely intelligent, possibly genius. Throughout the show, we as the viewers get to see relationships build and crumble, secrets unfurl, and characters grow. It has a perfect blend of mystery and drama, as well as a good sprinkling of humor. The plot is intriguing and overall fun to follow. This show definitely had me on the edge of my seat.

4. Arrow
Arrow is a show that first aired in 2012, with eight seasons and 170 episodes. It centers around one set character, Oliver Queen. We quickly learn that Queen has been stuck on a deserted island for five years and has been presumed dead the entire time. The series starts off with Queen being rescued from the said island and returning home. However, Queen is different. He takes on the vigilante role of Arrow and begins making the villains of the city pay for their misdeeds. Arrow has a perfect amount of action, and the plot is extremely interesting. It gives us an insightful view of how certain events can really change a person, as well as how a need for justice can completely alter how people behave. I think this was a very entertaining show.

5. Riverdale
Riverdale is a Drama/Mystery show based off of the characters from the 2000 Archie Comics. It first aired in 2017 and has a total of 4 seasons and 35 episodes in total. Riverdale follows a group of five teens as they try to solve numerous mysteries around their little town, which the series is named after. The first season has more of a murder mystery type of plot and is very intriguing. Overall it has just the right amount of drama and action, without being too over the top. However, I believe the later seasons become a bit more confusing and repetitive.