What You Need to Know Before You go Thrifting

What You Need to Know Before You go Thrifting

By Kalyn Zwik, Staff Writer

Thrifting is all the new craze, going to second hand stores like Goodwill, in person resale shops and even online resale shops as well.

Because thrifting has become more popular it has caused an influx in the resale economy that causes prices to raise and making it not as affordable and making clothes less accessible intended for the low income market. They are also running out of nicer items, that were intended for the low income market.

Median income people still need to buy clothes but can’t afford slow fashion prices but, without thrift stores they have to result in fast fashion which hurts the environment. Fast fashion is the pressure to reduce the cost of clothing and speed up the production time so they cut corners that affect the environment to pick up the pace. They also pay their workers an unlivable wages and in horrible working conditions. Some workers could be as little as 11.

Depop: people are reselling thrifted clothes at a much higher price to the point people where can’t afford them because they are going into low income neighborhoods and buying everything. For instance people are going to goodwill and buying jeans for $4 and then reselling on depop for a much higher price. Depop has become popularized by tik tok. Sellers increase for profit.

Going to goodwill can be a good way to save money and the environment but there are some rules that you should follow.

  1. Create a wish list: By creating a wishlist you are going into the store with what you need to buy instead of over buying.
  2. Do not buy a lot of oversize clothes: When you buy a lot of oversize clothes you are taking clothes away from people who need them.
  3. Don’t hog aisles: Some thrift stores don’t have the biggest space to put all their clothes, be aware of your surroundings and the people around you.

I believe that anyone should go thrifting, you just have to be mindful of what and where you buy. Whenever I am thrifting I try to be mindful of what I buy. If I do go into a goodwill I try to not buy as many pieces and save it for someone else to have a find of the day.