Zoom Dress Code

Zoom Dress Code

By Celina Saba, Staff Writer

With students attending their classes virtually, our usual dress code policy has had to adapt and change. As before, students are still required to remain respectful of their attire. The previous dress code still applies for online classes, however, there are also additional policies. 

The Niles West Student Handbook states that “students cannot wear any garments that depict violence, drugs, and sexual or vulgar images or words. Students must also dress respectfully by not wearing clothes with holes in inappropriate places, and revealing any undergarments.”

Since students are not required to have their cameras on during class, they must be mindful of any image they have displayed while their camera is off. No images of drugs, alcohol or weapons will be tolerated.

Of course, when students have their cameras on, they must also be attentive to how they display themselves, and the background they present.

According to Dean Amy Tucker, “In terms of dress code (which includes hats and hoodies) and room decor, we are asking students to be respectful and appropriate. This includes not wearing items that represent drugs, alcohol, or weapons.”

Due to students attending their classes from home, they will be allowed to wear hats and hoodies as long as the attire is respectful.

“As long as the students are mindful of their attire and surrounding, then it is allowed,” Tucker said. “Please keep in mind, that similar to when we are in person, it is up to the teachers’ discretion what they will allow in their classes.”

With these new adjustments to the dress code in mind, I asked junior Adam Cudzich about his experiences with e-learning. “There is no strictly enforced dress code. I will have a blanket on while almost lying in bed, and the teachers don’t care as long as I do my work,” said Cudzich. “As long as what is happening isn’t a distraction, it’s fine.” 

Overall, there hasn’t been much change to the dress code. While students are now allowed to wear hoodies and hats, they are still expected to dress respectfully and give their teachers their full attention during class.