Chicago’s Baseball Teams to the Playoffs

By Davis Mati, Video Editor

As we all know, the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series against the Cleveland Indians in 2016 was a magnificent event to many baseball fans of Chicago and of course, a moment of joy to the residents to Chicago as the last time the Cubs won the World Series was in 1908. However, the Cubs are not the only kids on the block: many residents living in South Side Chicago have another team to root for and that is the Chicago White Sox. The last time the White Sox won the World Series was in 2005 against the Houston Astros. The other juicy part to the rivalry was the World Series in 1906 when the White Sox and the Chicago Cubs faced each other. The game resulted in victory for the Chicago White Sox.

This year in the MLB’s playoffs, both the White Sox and the Cubs made it. Both teams being from Chicago, leaves many Chicago residents wondering who is going to take the trophy home. Many even wondered the nearly impossible: would the Cubs and the White Sox face each other in this year’s World Series? The Cubs are known for being the favored team in North Side of Chicago and the White Sox being South Side’s favorite, which adds even more to the rivalry in territory. However, both teams did not win against their wildcard opponents.

The MLB’s playoffs is split into two group standings. 8 teams from the National League- the league the Cubs and the White Sox reside in, and 8 teams from the American League. The Cub’s opponent for their first 3 games were the Miami Marlins. The Cubs sadly lost against them in the first 2 games, resulting in the Cubs being eliminated from the playoffs. The first game’s score was 5-1 and the second game’s score was 2-0. For the White Sox, their opponent in their fist 3 games were the Oakland Athletics. The White Sox took the first win against the Athletics with a score of 4-1. However, a change happened and the Athletics took the wins for the last two games with the second game’s score being 5-3 and the last game being 6-4. These two victories for the Athletics resulted in the White Sox elimination from this year’s playoffs.

With both teams out of the playoffs this year, many baseball fans from the city are now wondering what is in store for next year in 2021. With the Cubs and the White Sox’s record, many are now thinking they can make a comeback to the playoffs.