Top 5 Set it Off Songs


By Len Beczko, Staff Writer

Set it Off is a popular alternative/indie band that was formed in 2008. They originated in Tampa, Florida. The members include drummer Maxx Danziger, guitarist, bassist, and backing vocalist Zach DeWall, and lead vocalist Cody Carson. Carson is a jack of all trades, as he also plays the keyboard, piano, guitar, clarinet, and alto saxophone. They have released many good songs, but here are my top five that I highly recommend giving a listen to.

1. Why Worry

I personally really like this song because it addresses the inherent worry of most people. It doesn’t ridicule the creeping anxiety but instead brings it to light. Carson talks about relaxing and just taking a step back, away from all the stress for a moment. He also mentions living life day by day, and not worrying about the future or the past. The song itself has a good beat and a good addition to any playlist. It’s classified as a punk song and was released in 2014 within the album “Duality.”

2. Different Songs

This song has an upbeat feel to it. It has a bit going on in it, so I wouldn’t recommend listening to it while doing homework. Still, it’s a very enjoyable song. The song talks about a relationship fizzling out, as both parties no longer get along like they used to before. The premise of the song is that sometimes we don’t notice how we’re drifting away from someone until it’s too late to fix, but we try anyway, before realizing it’s useless. It’s classified as an alternative/indie song and was released in 2019 within the album “Midnight.”

3. Catch Me If You Can

This is the most recently released song on this list, having been released just a few days before 2020 began. It’s a very upbeat song, and there’s a lot going on within it. It’s very enjoyable, and I highly recommend it. The song itself is about proving your haters wrong and showing them how much better than them you are. Carson himself states that “success is the best revenge,” and the song is for anyone who “needs an empowering song to pick them up.” The song is classified as an alternative/indie and came out in their album After Midnight, which ironically came out after their album “Midnight.”

4. Midnight Thoughts

This song is also very upbeat, as most of Set it Off songs are. It has quite a bit going on, so I wouldn’t recommend it for homework. Otherwise, it’s a very good song. The song is like a softer version of a different song, “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead.” It’s about the same topic: Insomnia. The song talks about not being able to sleep, and all of your ‘midnight thoughts’ and insecurities keeping you up. The song is classified as an alternative/indie bop and was released in 2019 within the album “Midnight.”

5. Swan Song

Last but definitely not least, Swan Song is a very upbeat song with a similar premise to “Catch Me If You Can.” In it, Carson talks to the people who’ve abandoned him for their own selfish reasons and tries to become friends with them one final time. The name comes from the old belief that when swans were about to die, they sang a beautiful melody, a ‘swan song’. It’s classified as alternative/indie and was released in 2012 within the album “Cinematics.”