The General Election is On November 3rd; Here’s Where To Vote In-Person.


Voting Stickers Handed To In-Person Voters. GPA / Photo Archive / Flickr Creative Commons

By Razina Ahmed, Academics Editor

It is the day before the 2020 Presidential Election. With millions having sent in their mail-in and absentee ballots due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the early voting numbers have shattered previous records. Illinois is one of 22 states plus the District of Columbia, where same-day registration for voting is possible. Here are the voter registration requirements in Illinois.

To register to vote, you must be:
A U.S. citizen
At least 18 years old by the general election
A resident of your precinct at least 30 days prior to Election Day

You also must display two pieces of identification. Neither needs to be a photo ID, but one must include your current address. Acceptable forms of ID include:
Illinois driver’s license
Illinois state ID
Employee or student ID
Credit card
Social security card
Birth certificate
Utility bill in applicant’s name
Mail postmarked to the applicant
Valid U.S. passport
Public aid ID card
Lease or rental contract

Here are the do’s and don’ts of voter identification:

If you meet these qualifications, congratulations! You will be able to vote on November 3rd in the general election.

Here is where you can find out how to vote:

Step 1: visit

Step 2: Check your registration status, information on the upcoming ballot, early voting site, elected officials, or mail ballot status if any apply to you by clicking on the tabs on the left.

Step 3: Click: Where Is My Polling Place?

Step 4: Enter the information asked on the screen with your address and last name. Click submit.

Step 5: Write down the location and address of your polling place. Make sure you meet all qualifications and bring the documents listed above.

Step 6: Head on over to cast your vote in the 2020 General Election!

According to a YouGov poll conducted of more than 6,500 Americans, about seven in 10 people have said that the upcoming presidential election is one of the most important in their lifetimes. The current political divide that exists within our country has caused fear and anxiety among Americans across the nation. But in exercising your right to vote, one has a say in the policies they would like to see implemented into their lives.

If you have any questions on polling locations, how to register to vote, or any other concerns you can visit