Chain of Vulgar Emails Sent out After Niles West Teacher Email is Hacked


Email hack sends vulgar, inappropriate content to students in District 219.

By Alli Lipsit, News Editor

At approximately 7:27 pm, an email from Niles West teacher Jasminka Jukic was sent out. The email contained sexually explicit and vulgar images and language.

After this initial email, four others were sent with similar content, alongside additional racist, antisemitic, and homophobic slurs and statements.

Following what seems to be a hack, Niles West Principal Dr. Karen Ritter sent out an email acknowledging the school’s awareness of the emails and asking students to disregard them.

“We are taking care of the situation,” Ritter said following her statement of assurance.

The school is still waiting for more information on the incident, but it seems that since around 7:45, the emails have stopped. This could be because the school suspended all use of Gmail accounts for the moment.

“The emails were really shocking and disturbing, and I hope that they find whoever sent these,” senior Henry Gussis said.

The school will continue to update the Niles West community as they receive more information.