What Are Physical Education Classes Like Over Zoom?

Physical Education Graphic

Physical Education Graphic

By Celina Saba, Staff Writer

Due to quarantine this year, it’s more important than ever to make sure students are getting physical exercise. With students and staff spending the majority of their time sitting down on their electronic devices, they haven’t been able to get up and get moving. While students are no longer able to exercise with their peers, they are still provided with activities to enrich their bodies and mind.

One of the many classes juniors and seniors can pick for their P.E. class is Strength and Conditioning. In this class, students do workouts that are led by the teacher or a student every Monday. On Thursdays, however, the students don’t have a physical activity and instead have a lesson.

Each week they are given a workout log they must complete, and according to junior Leighla Sedghi, “We have to turn it in by Sunday at 11:59. The logs reflect what workouts we did each day, and if we didn’t do any, then we write about our overall week and how it went.”

Juniors and seniors also have the option to take P.E. Leaders. In this class, students have a couple of workouts a month that involve yoga or cardio. However, they are not required to record their exercises for credit.

Unlike students taking P.E. Leaders, the students taking Adventure Education must record their cardio every Friday on the app Strava. The app allows the students to record and share their cardio with their teacher for credit. Students have also begun learning during the second week of November about rock climbing and how to create different rope ties.

In both P.E. Leaders and Adventure Education, teachers are focusing on teaching the students self-awareness. “This means completing assignments centered around how we’ve been feeling for the last many months and getting in touch with our emotions and the way they affect us,” said junior Dharma Delahanty. “Just the other week, we began learning about the importance of self-confidence and how to build it.”

For sophomores, their curriculum involves physical education and health. According to sophomore Victoria Kutkovska, “For the past few weeks, we have been listening to lectures and watching presentations about mental and emotional health.”

In short, while the students continue to attend their classes over Zoom, they will have to adapt to their new physical education class environment until we return to in-person learning.