Orchesis 2020-21 Season Preview


via. Instagram @nileswestorchesis

The 2019-20 Orchesis Team. Picture taken on Nov. 21, 2019 and can be found on their team Instagram page.

By Emily Chin, Staff Writer

Dancing their way into 2020, the Niles West Orchesis team has been trying to find the best way to adapt to new protocols. Covid-19 has been a trend that we’ve been seeing throughout all clubs and teams, which has been considered a big problem. For the dance team, it’s going to be difficult to teach, practice, and especially perform.

In Orchesis, high school students get to express their love of dance through multiple diverse dance styles. To join Orchesis, interested dancers have to go through tryouts, which are currently closed for the 2020-21 season. The season runs between Sept. and March, with weekly Zoom practices onĀ  Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Four Orchesis officers–sophomore Naomi Catalla, juniors Sofia Saldana and Paula Jimenez, and senior Janelle Rodriguez–lead 26 dancers on the West team.

According to Jimenez, “Since we can’t go to school that means we can’t practice in the dance studio…We are not really sure how it’ll work out if we go back to school for the show. We will be dancing pretty close together and will be dressing and running around in the dressing room, and I don’t know if we are going to have an audience in the show because of social distancing. So, as of right now, there’s nothing that we really know as to what will happen in the future.”

On the brighter side, dancers are still able to practice and choreograph their own performances.

“This year I am a choreographer, so that’s the main piece I am focused on. I am also in two other pieces as of right now which I’m also working on. I am excited for my piece in particular because it’s my first time choreographing a piece at school and I’m excited to showcase it,” said sophomore, Natasha Dhamasiva.

The team has missed out on a lot of opportunities this year due to students not being in school. Orchesis is planning on having a show, but the date is still not officially determined. Fingers crossed that we will be able to see the team’s final performances.

“The show must go on! As an officer this year with my fellow officers Paula Jimenez, Sofia Saldana and Naomi Catalla and directors, Kristen Baron and Diana Corral have been discussing our plans for our show. We have our first semester dances almost completely done and are ready for our second-semester pieces,” Rodriguez said.

Even with Orchesis on zoom, there is still a way that dance can uplift your mood and wellbeing. Anyone can try out even if you have no previous dance experience, so don’t feel discouraged.

“My advice I would give is to be yourself and give your all at the audition because they look at effort and potential and not so much dance background. We have so many girls with no previous experience in dance that grows exponentially by the time our annual show rolls around,” said junior Kathryn Saro.

For incoming freshmen or anyone interested in joining Orchesis, next year’s tryouts typically start at the beginning of the school year around September. So, if you’re interested in joining contact club directors, Kristen Baron and Diana Corral.