Top 5 Latino Artists to Listen To


By Marija Kraljevic, Arts and Entertainment and Photo Editor

If you’ve never even listened to Latino music—what is the hold-up? As someone who has listened to reggaeton and Latino music for years, and let me tell you, it’s one of the best genres of music you could ever listen to. There are many top hits that are played all over the internet, such as TikTok, but there are only a few Latino artists that truly know how to make beautiful songs with a catchy beat. Here is my top five favorite Latino artist that I recommend you start listening to ASAP.

1. Bad Bunny

With only four major studio albums, Bad Bunny encompasses the heart and soul of reggaeton. The Puerto Rican Latin trap and reggaeton singer and rapper is constantly making the top bangers that are played around the world. At the age of 26, he’s accomplished so much in just a few years when he first released his song off Soundcloud called “Diles.” Some of his top songs I recommend giving a listen to are “Safaera,” “Callaita,” “Ignorantes,” and “DAKITI.”

2. Maluma

Although his songs are more soulful than Bad Bunny’s, Maluma still brings a party side to his music where you just cannot stop dancing. The Colombian artist is also known as Juan Luis Lodono Arias. He got his stage name by combining the first letter from each of his family member’s names. With five studio albums, Maluma just keeps giving us more and more music that makes you fall in love with each single he releases. His newest single, “Hawái,” reached number three on Billboard Global 200. He’s one of the best selling Latin music artists and collaborates with anyone you can think of in both the South American and Hollywood world. My top recommendations are “Chantaje,” “Carnaval,” “11PM,” and “Corazón.”

3. J Balvin

As the “Prince of Reggaeton,” J Balvin serves nothing but class and style in his music. He’s one of the best selling Latin music artists with sales of more than 35 million records worldwide. He appears on almost every remix of a song and has many successful hits such as “Mi Gente,” “I Like It,” “Agua,” “Loco Contigo,” and “PORFA.”

4. Karol G

The Colombian beauty came from Medellín and started her career off appearing at the Colombian spinoff of the “X-Factor.” From then on, she moved to New York and worked hard to make a name for herself. Her first hit, “Ahora Me Llama,” featuring Bad Bunny helped turned her life around. She’s continued to release songs about love and even hype songs such as “Tusa” featuring Nicki Minaj.

5. Nicky Jam

The Latino artist comes from a rough childhood in the streets of Puerto Rico and fighting his addictions in order to become the artist he is known as today. His top hits are “X,” “Te Boté,” and “En La Cama.” He collaborates with just about any artist and has the voice of an angel, yet he can still switch it up and change it to rap at any moment, which makes him so diverse and talented.

These artists are just a few out of so many talented and gifted artists in the Latino pop and reggaeton world that their music simply blows your mind away and speaks deeply to your soul.