Top 5 Valentine’s Day Movies To Binge-Watch


By Isabela Gil, Staff Writer

Valentine’s Day is coming up, whether you have a significant other to share it with or not. Luckily, if you don’t have a date, these heart-warming, comedic, and even devastating films will always be there for you on the 14th. So grab your blanket, pillow, snacks, and maybe if you’re lucky your date to sit down and shift your mind to a whole world of romance.

1. Five Feet Apart 

If you’re looking for a wholesome, yet sad movie to watch “Five Feet Apart” would be the way to go. It first aired in 2019, but it’s still a phenomenal romantic film. Also, if you like movies based on true stories, then just go ahead and watch it! “Five Feet Apart” is about two patients, Stella and Will who are diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, which makes it hard for them to have a relationship. Now if they have to stay five feet apart, then how is this a romantic film, you may ask? Well, throughout this movie we can see Stella and Will’s relationship flourish, but they nonetheless still have many challenges to overcome.

2. The First Time 

Now if you’re more on the romantic comedy side, “The First Time” would be just your cup of tea. Not to mention it stars the dashing and handsome Dylan O’Brien, who plays Dave Hodgman. Dave Hodgman is a highschool senior, who like most can relate to is crushing on someone he can’t have. Fortunately, Aubrey Miller, a junior finds herself wanting to leave her current relationship due to her boyfriend being inconsiderate towards her. One day they meet at the same party, and the rest you’ll have to find out.

3.  Pride and Prejudice 

Have you been looking to watch a movie that includes a slow burn? Yes? Well, in that case, “Pride and Prejudice” would be the best fit for you! Not only is it based on The Georgian Era, but it also includes the tension and undying love between Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy, a wealthy man with important connections, and Miss Elizabeth Bennet, who seeks marriage for love. Although given the era, she still needs to marry someone regardless of love for her family’s economic security. Besides the challenge of finding a husband for love, Mr. Darcy hardly allows himself to fall for people given his pride, and some may say certain rules he has set for himself. Given these circumstances how can these two hardly be a perfect match for each other? Well, you better start grabbing some popcorn.

4. Isn’t It Romantic 

Tired of all the lovey-dovey cliche romance? “Isn’t It Romantic” still offers some romance but with a lot of comedy. Natalie works as an architect, but she doesn’t believe in love. This all changes though when she gets knocked out in a subway mugging, and wakes up in an alternative universe where she is the main character in a romantic comedy. Natalie finds herself in a love triangle between a hunky rich billionaire and a charming nerd. But will Natalie end up finding the one? Who will she choose? Is her soulmate closer than it appears? In that case, start going on Netflix and clicking play.

5. Love, Rosie 

Right person, wrong time right? Well, this saying works perfectly for Rosie and Alex who have been childhood friends. Years of friendship have led to a ton of chemistry which not even they can deny. They have even planned out their future together until something unexpected takes place, Rosie’s future takes a turn and so does Alex’s. But soon we learn that no matter what year, date, time, or even place they always seem to find a way back together. So if you enjoy watching childhood to lovers movies but with major obstacles between them, this sad but warming movie is just for you.