2021 NBA All-Star Weekend Preview


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Lebron James and Kevin Durant on the Eastern Conference team in 2019 guarding Steph Curry on the Western Conference team.

By Luca Hatzopoulos, Managing and Social Media Editor

With the NBA All-Star game not being 100% official yet this year due to covid, the tentative dates for the weekend to happen is March 7th to March 10th. If the NBA comes to an agreement to play the game, the weekend will be held in Atlanta.

Fan voting started on Jan. 28th and will continue up until Feb. 16th. The All-Star starters are going to be announced on Feb. 18th, and the reserves, the rest of the team roster, on Feb. 23rd. Due to this unprecedented time, it remains unclear if the NBA will actually play the game or hold a ceremonial selection in replace of it. If the weekend is held and the games are played, it would include benefits that go to HBCUs and Covid-19 relief.

From March 5th to March 10th, the NBA is going on a 5-day break and will resume the season on the 11th. With such short notice of an apparent All-Star game coming to play, many NBA players express their frustration on social media. Being blind-sighted by a sudden All-Star weekend during the break upset a lot of players.

Giannis Antetokounmpo and James Harden said on Friday, Feb. 5, that they’d rather spend time with their families during the break than play in the game. Kawhi Leonard also expressed his feelings and argued that the NBA was “putting money over health,” according to the Washington Post. Lebron James also said on Thursday, Feb. 4, that it felt like a “slap in the face, to hold an exhibition during the coronavirus pandemic with little warning to players who believed they were getting a five-day break,” according to the Washington Post.

Even if the weekend and games aren’t held, rosters will still be announced as it can be important for players to receive potential bonuses and escalators in their contracts.

With rosters not being made yet, here’s a look into who’s leading with votes. Kevin Durant and James are currently leading the first round of fan votes. Durant has accumulated 2,302,705 votes, while James has accumulated 2,288,676 votes. Steph Curry has also gotten over two million votes and is 1st in Western Conference guard voting. For the East, Bradley Beal is leading the guard voting with 1,273,817 votes and Antetokounmpo trailing for 2nd place, behind Durant, in the Eastern Conference frontcourt with 1,752,185 votes.

By the looks of it, Durant and James will most likely be the captains for each conference unless Curry and Antetokounmpo’s votes surpass them, which is still a possibility with six days left of voting.

Keep the days of March 7th to the 10th free, just in case the All-Star weekend does actually happen, and keep up with the NBA’s social media to see what they announce for the future.