Top 5 Coming of Age Movies to Watch


By Isabela Gil, Staff Writer

Sometimes life can be stressful, but in those moments, wouldn’t it be nice to take your mind off of things and relax. To order your favorite dish or even make some brownies! In that case, grab a soft, warm blanket, take a seat at your comfiest couch, and binge some of the best coming of age movies of the 21st century.

  1. The Perks of Being a Wallflower

“The Perks of Being a Wallflower” is a coming of age movie about Charlie, a fifteen-year-old boy, who is an introvert and started his first year of high school. One day at a homecoming football game, Patrick and Sam, who are seniors, approach Charlie. They all quickly hit it off and become Charlie’s main influences in life, especially Sam. When Charlie tries to form a relationship, the blocked unresolved trauma from his rough childhood peaks through, making it difficult to connect with someone on an intimate level. The PTSD goes away when he is with friends, but without them, he gets flashbacks of his childhood. When Sam and Patrick leave for college, Charlie starts getting many more flashbacks, ultimately rushing him with guilt for the death he thinks he caused. After finally seeking help, Charlie regains control of his life and learns how to be a “wallflower.”

  1. The Edge of Seventeen 

“The Edge of Seventeen” is about a high school junior named Nadine. Like many other highschoolers, Nadine is extremely awkward and horrible at making friends. Although Nadine is socially awkward, she finds herself extremely attracted to Nick Mossman, a bad boy with extremely good looks. Luckily, her best friend Krista is reliable and helps her get to know Nick. However, Krista starts dating Nadine’s brother, Darian, who is popular and outgoing. This makes Nadine feel overshadowed and insignificant. With all the tension between her and Krista, Nadine finds a new friend, Mr. Bruner, who considers Nadine to be his favorite student. With no one other than Mr. Bruner to listen to her problems, she confides in him to rant on about her life, although he doesn’t seem to care. Then in a class, no other than Mr. Bruner’s Nadine meets Erwin Kim, an equally awkward but charming guy who likes her. In a semi-love triangle, Nadine needs to choose who she likes the most, the shy, but flattering Erwin or the hot bad boy who was just emitted from juvenile detention. Not to mention, Nadine ventures to find herself and mend her relationship with Krista.

  1. Moxie 

The newly released movie, “Moxie,” is about Vivian, a high school junior who is known as the nobody who feels too insecure to take a stand for herself and for other important issues. That is until one-day reality hits her, and she realizes how problematic her school is. Since her mom used to protest, she decides to take on the role of a powerful and influential persona called Moxie. Moxie starts as a small piece of paper that transforms into a club that unites strong and powerful women. One of the issues they first tackle is Mitchell Wilson, who is a terrible person in many people’s eyes. They also address issues with the school principal. Through this club, the girls unite to overcome challenges, share their stories of discrimination, and fight against school equality. The club Moxie teaches Vivian that she can accomplish remarkable things and even start a revolution. 

  1. All the Bright Places

“All the Bright Places” features two Indiana high schoolers, Theodore Finch, the school freak, and Violet Markey, the popular girl. After losing her older sister Eleanor in a car accident, Violet finds herself in a suicidal state. She encounters Finch while she stands on a ledge, planning to jump. He talks her out of the ledge and teaches her how to live again. Many days, weeks, and eventually months pass where Finch and Violet grow very close. They become best friends and romantic partners while visiting lots of fun places that show Violet the joy of life. This is until Finch starts growing distant from Violet. When Finch doesn’t arrive at school, Violet’s worst fear is confirmed. Finch took his life at his favorite place, the Blue Hole. After Finch’s death, Violet does a project and says how Finch taught her that there are many “bright places” and if there isn’t, “you can be that bright place.” “All the Bright Places” is a wonderful and devastating film which teaches you we don’t understand what others are going through. Those who seem to have it all can be the ones dealing with it the most. It shows you to appreciate those you have and to check on your friends. This film teaches you that many can smile and act like they have their life in order when in reality, they can feel deep pain and agony, devastating loneliness. 

  1. Chemical Hearts 

“Chemical Hearts” stars the talented Lili Reinhart, who plays Grace Town, a teenager who suffered the tragic loss of her boyfriend. And Henry Page, played by Austin Abrams, who dreams of becoming an aspiring writer. One day at school, Henry meets Grace after being offered to work as co-editors for the school newspaper. When he first meets Grace, he is interested in the edgy and hateful persona she puts on. Henry, being a hopeless romantic, takes a liking to Grace and tries to get her to know her better. As they kill more time together, he eventually falls in love with her. As Grace tries to move on from her ex, she decides to take a chance on Henry until ultimately coming to the realization she is still in love with her ex. Needing time to focus on herself, Grace and Henry split apart until they met each other on their last day of senior year. Even though Grace and Henry did split up, they both came to the realization that they both did love each other, maybe not in some way, but they both cared for one another, and that is something that can never be forgotten.