Moxie: The Feminist Revolution


By Marija Kraljevic, Arts and Entertainment and Photo Editor

Directed by Amy Poehler, who also plays the mother of the main character, releases the latest trending movie on Netflix called “Moxie.” The movie was released on March 3 and features many well-known stars from Hollywood and focuses on the rise of feminism and its importance.

Former riot girl Lisa, played by Amy Poehler, has settled down and taken a long break from her days as a patriarchy-smashing punk-rock leader at her high school. She’s raised her only child, the shy and sweet Vivian, played by Hadley Robinson, who hasn’t exactly found her true calling and her voice throughout high school, not until her junior year at Rockport High School.

The movie is based on the novel by Jennifer Mathieu and tells the story of Vivian starting a feminist revolution in her sexist and misogynistic school in order to fight the system and seek change for her and the girls of the school. The movie lasts around an hour and 40 minutes and highlights the recruiting of girls for the club “Moxie” and finding out who is the creator of the club and what is her reasoning for creating it in the first place.

The acting is pretty good throughout the film; just some lines here and there from the script are a little cringe but fit well for the audience it is aimed towards, which happens to be freshmen and sophomore girls, to help them find their voice and encourage them to stand for what they believe in. The cast includes diversity with some well-known actors such as Patrick Schwarzenegger, Josephine Langford, Josie Totah, and more.

The film is pretty well thought out and inspiring for some, but I feel as though our generation today (Gen Z) doesn’t really need this type of inspiration for speaking one’s mind and fighting for equality. The target audience for this movie is an audience that has already taken a stand and voiced their opinions on justice for everyone and everyone’s rights as human beings.

I thought that the plot was intriguing, and I myself was interested in finding out how the Moxie would prevail in their mission. If you want to watch something new and kill some time,  I would suggest this movie, and you could even watch it with your group of friends. I would give “Moxie” a rating of 8/10.