Celebrating International Women’s Month


By Katelin Chong, Staff Writer

Although many look forward to March because of St. Patrick’s Day, this month actually represents something more significant. March is also known as International Women’s Month, making it a perfect time to stop and appreciate the strong women in your life. While making a card or buying flowers is a simple way to say thank you, here are some other ways you can celebrate International Women’s Month!

  • Donate to organizations that support women

There are countless nonprofit organizations to choose from when it comes to women’s rights. A more well-known group is Girls Who Code, whose mission is to fill the tech field with more women. By introducing coding to girls at a younger age, more of them are able to become invested in the subject, ultimately leading to more women in tech. You can read more about Girls Who Code and support them here.

Another organization to keep in mind is La Casa De Las Madres, whose goal is to support survivors of domestic violence. They are always available for anyone who experiences domestic violence, and they strive for a future where brutality in relationships is a worry of the past. To learn more about La Casa De Las Madres, you can reach their website here.

These are only two organizations of many that dedicate themselves to supporting women. By just doing a quick search, you will be able to find dozens. If you have even just a little bit of spare time, consider reading up on these groups and do what you can to help.

  • Support films or shows directed by women

If you’re looking for an easier way to celebrate International Women’s Month, watching movies is definitely a great choice! You could try watching a movie directed by a woman once a week, or pick up a TV show with a female director. A few popular suggestions include Little Women (2019), Wonder Woman (2017), and Selma (2014). Simply sitting and taking a bit out of your day to watch some of these films is a fun way to appreciate the works of talented women in the film industry.

  • Listen to some music by female artists

Similar to watching movies, this is another easy way to show your support to women. If you’re looking for pop music, there are numerous women you can check out, such as Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga, and Taylor Swift. A lot of their music is more upbeat and catchy! For people who enjoy indie rock, I recommend Mitski and Phoebe Bridgers. Both of their songs have a lot of meaning behind them and have great melodies. If you’re more of an R&B listener, make sure to take a look at SZA, Kehlani, and UMI. Their music is definitely more relaxing and rhythmic. All of these artists are extremely talented, and I highly recommend that you try and listen to every one of them.

  • Show your support for women-owned businesses

Instead of immediately running to your nearest big name store, try to take a moment and look up female-owned businesses you can buy from. Having customers during such a complicated time can be extremely difficult, especially for smaller businesses. Taking a visit to your local small business can help them more than you can imagine, so the next time you need some new clothes or groceries, skip the big market you usually go to and look up a lesser-known place instead.

Although these are amazing ways to celebrate International Women’s Month, you can definitely continue these year-round! You aren’t limited to keeping these habits in March. To truly show your support for women worldwide, consider making these a part of your daily life!