Joy Yee Noodle: The Best Bubble Tea There Is

Joy Yee Noodle: The Best Bubble Tea There Is

By Andrea Espino, Staff Writer

If you are eager to try some delicious Asian food, stop by Joy Yee Noodle’s next time you’re by the Evanston area. Joy Yee Noodle offers dishes from all over Asia and fruit smoothies with tapioca and boba. Joy Yee Noodle is located at 533 Davis St., in Evanston. They’re open from 11:30 am to 9:30 (or 10 pm Fridays and Saturdays) every day of the week. For the first time in months, Joy Yee is now open for dine-in, but there is also a take-out option available.

For a full meal and a whole container of leftovers, the prices were affordable. We both ate a lot of the food, and there was still plenty of beef and rice left to take home. The prices of the bubble teas were definitely fair for the amount of tapioca and smoothie. The bubble tea there is heavenly, and the selection is vast. I’m convinced every flavor imaginable is sold there.

I ordered three big dishes of beef and green beans, vegetable fried rice, and pork dumplings to share with one other person. In all of these dishes, the flavor and seasoning were perfect. I loved how the pork dumplings were crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside, and I topped it with their sweet and sour sauce. The vegetable fried rice was super fluffy and cooked perfectly, and the vegetables in it, like broccoli, carrots, and baby corn, complemented the rice excellently. Lastly, I ordered the beef and green beans, and the meat was super soft, and it was topped off with a light sweet and salty sauce.

I would definitely recommend getting what I order if you can’t decide what to order or if you’re new to trying Asian food or not an adventurous eater. If you are an adventurous eater, feel free to try anything because there is so much to choose from. The menu, however, is very big and a bit overwhelming with a huge selection of foods like seafood, soups, potstickers, fried rice, salads, spring rolls and so much more. Don’t be afraid to try something new because I’m certainly going to try that next time I visit.

The restaurant is very spacious with many tables and lots of sunlight. They also kept all of the tables and seats clean, and they do leave a couple of tables closed to accommodate social distancing rules. I went on a Wednesday afternoon, and there were only two other tables occupied.  The ordering process is very efficient and fast, and the whole process took less than ten minutes from when we walked in. The workers are also patient, kind, and reassuring of everything to make sure our experience as best as possible.

I certainly recommend everyone to try out Joy Yee; you will have a great experience and leave with a full tummy. I give Joy Yee five stars for its customer service, prices, and taste of food. Remember, Joy Yee Noodle is open every day of the week from 11:30 am to 9:30 pm and 10 pm on Fridays and Saturdays.