South Lobby Completion Delayed

By Athena E. Hilentzaris

photo by Athena HilentzarisIf not yet noticed, the South Lobby is almost completed, but it won’t be ready for occupation until the end of this month or the first week of November.

Even though the Fire Department testing has been completed, the detail issues aren’t resolved to the school’s satisfaction. The Regional Office of Education will certify the lobby for occupancy, but the lobby won’t be in use until after all the requirements have been fulfilled, according to principal Kaine Osburn.

“We will not allow the lobby to be completed until the contractors have done so to our specifications and high standards,” says Osburn.

According to Osburn, the school is currently waiting on the installation of audio-visual equipment, installation of furniture, and  finishing work such as painting touches and cleaning and waxing of floor (so the floor is protected). All these items are delaying the use of the lobby, which was expected to be mid-October.

“The provider of the material… is facing financial penalties for their failure to meet agreed upon deadlines,” says Osburn.

The lobby is being anticipated by many, said students and staff.

“The South Lobby looks amazing so far. I seriously can’t wait until it’s totally finished. I want to see the final outcome already!” says junior Selina Montero.

“I am anxious but patient, and I am eager to make the lobby available to students during study halls and for events,” says Osburn.