Senior Superlative Winners For The Class of 2021


By The Editors

Best Glow-Up: Dean Paul Cordero









Biggest Flirt: Joseph Elkhatib









Most Dramatic: Enesa Dibra









Best Dressed: Oliver Albazi










Teacher’s Pet: Ahava Atar









Smartest Slacker: Imad Ahmad










Most Likely To Be Famous: Faris Rahic











Most Unforgettable: Alex Louis











Everyone’s Best Friend: Milani Harris










Most Talkative: Davis Mati









Most Talented: Tegshemurun Jamiyankhuu










Most Likely To Save The World: Sydney Schroeder










Most Outgoing: Rabia Chaudhry










Most Likely To Sleep Through A Zoom Class: Tam Luu










Worst Case Of Senioritis: Raphie Shurbet










Best Social Distancer: Gabrielle Rogan










Most Likely to Lie Their Way Into A Successful Life: Walli Baig










Most Likely To Become A Verified Social Media Influencer: Magdalena Soldo










Most Likely to Cheat the System and Find a Way to Buy More Toilet Paper Than Allowed at a Grocery Store During a Pandemic: Joshua Kandu










Best Mask Wearer: Yzzabella Hasal










Most Likely To Make a TikTok in Public: Vasilia Garbis










Most Likely to Only Wear Pajamas: Brooke Calamba










Class Clown: Adam Yousef










Most Intelligent: TIE Richard Chen and Christian Montgomery