Niles West Loses to Glenbrook North in Third Game of the Season


Emma Kalchik

Wolves and Spartans clash on the football field.

By Gabrielle Feliciano, Staff Writer

Last week’s varsity football game against Glenbrook North ended in Niles West’s defeat, with the Glenbrook Spartans winning 41 to 6 by the end of the night. The results of last week’s game make for Niles West’s third loss this season, with the matches against New Trier and Maine South ending in losses as well.

Despite this, many spectators of last week’s game gave their support. One such spectator, senior Althea Bibat, said, “The game was very organized and well-coordinated. They did their best while still acknowledging the pandemic and safety.” She then went on to say, “While the outcome of the game was not ideal, there are still many more chances to win in the future!”

In addition, a number of the players on the varsity football team voiced their optimism surrounding both last week’s game and the game to come.

Junior Sam Burns, a varsity football player, said, “Last game, we were able to move the ball fairly effectively, but we had three drives stall out in the red zone on offense so we just have to finish drive. Defensively, we forced two turnovers. We just have to capitalize on stuff like that.”

Junior Anthony Sivric, another varsity football player, said, “We didn’t do our jobs. We talk a lot about effort and execution at practice and I think the effort shows during our games. They gained so many rushing yards that I could’ve prevented if my teammates and I did our jobs and executed.” He then went on to say, “I’m hopeful about the future of the Niles West football program, but it takes more than the varsity players. It goes all the way down to the feeders. With only one game left in the season, I can hope for a win.”

Burns also said, “I think we have a shot to come away with a victory tonight; we just have to execute, and we can walk away victorious.”