The Final Battle of Josh Swain: The Aftermath


By Len Beczko, Staff Writer

Facebook may seem like an app for the older generations, but it does have its memes, like the Area 51 raid. Or how a year ago today, a college student by the name of Josh Swain created a Facebook group with only people sharing his name. He proposed an epic battle to determine the rightful owner of the name ‘Josh Swain’, giving out coordinates to a field in Nebraska and a date on which they’d fight for the honor of being the only Josh Swain in the world. He said they had exactly a year to prepare, and good luck. It originally began as a joke, but the internet did not forget, as with most memes that begin as jokes; when it got closer to the supposed date of the battle (4/24/2021), the internet started bringing it up again. And, of course, it really did happen. 

Men and women (and everyone in-between or otherwise) gathered in a green area in Air Park and duked it out with pool noodles for the honor of the name Josh Swain. A man going by ‘Big Josh’ defended himself with multiple pool noodles and quickly became popular for his unique nickname. Connor Hogan was another special character, as he came to represent his friend named Josh, and in a stroke of genius attached pool noodles to cordless drills, allowing them to spin around without any unnecessary effort from himself.

The Josh Swain, the organizer of the event, divided the battles into three parts, a grueling and righteous battle of rock-paper-scissors to decide the rightful owner of the full ‘Josh Swain’ name, followed by a pool noodle fight of everyone with the first name Josh. Finally, an all-out brawl of anyone who wanted to join. In an epic feat of wits and strength, one Josh emerged victorious.

‘Little Josh,’ or 4-year-old Josh Vinson Jr., ended up winning ‘The Epic Josh Battle of 2021’ with a final swing of his red pool noodle. He was lifted up above the crowd and given his winnings; a champion belt, a small trophy, and a Burger King crown. He quickly became an internet sensation. 

The battle will forever be remembered as one of the greatest memes created on accident, right alongside the Area 51 Raid turned music festival. Although, personally, I thought Josh should’ve won. Too bad he was taken out by Josh.