Netflix Drops Latest Season of Reality Show “The Circle”


Players of the second season

By Isabela Gil, Staff Writer

The semi-new reality TV show “The Circle” is about a group of players who can either come in as themselves or as a catfish. “The Circle” helps people build relationships and often makes some enemies. It is a show of betrayal, love, comedy, popularity, and a whole lot of drama. In “The Circle,” the main goal is to win a cash prize and rank people. Those in the 1st or 2nd ranking spot become influencers, and they have the power to block people or, in this case, who to send home. There are already two seasons of “The Circle,” and the latest and final episode came out Wed. the 6 of May.

The cast is presented and begins with Emily, who is your typical college sorority girl, except she’s played by a male named Jack Atkins, Netflix star from “Too Hot To Handle” Chloe Veitch, Trevor, played by a female named Deleesa Carrasquillo, Bryant Wood also known as the Zen of the group, Courtney Linsen the comedian, Savannah Palacio, Terilisha Godwin-Pierce, and River, a 24-year-old student played by Lee Swift. 

The new season almost follows the same format as the seasons before it, there are the same set of rules, and each episode includes a “blocking.” In addition, there are still new players being added to the game after a person is blocked. The only thing that has changed is they’re now the joker, the double catfish, the super influencer, and a part of the inner circle. Even though there are different players, they each have the same tactics, like forming alliances and winning the cash prize. Each of the players faces challenges like being ranked at the bottom and being at risk of being let go. They also struggle with who to trust and how to determine who among them is a catfish.

This season wasn’t very different from the other ones in terms of plot; you still win a cash prize out of a popularity vote. Furthermore, those like Veitch even started to develop some feeling for one of the players. And many either played with their heart or with their head. Some alliances we do see throughout The Circle are The Cardashians, Trifecta, and #GirlGang.

The directors most definitely picked a diverse cast. This is important because when you have people from different backgrounds in your cast, they will bring a lot of creativity to the project and make it more interesting for people to watch. Overall, this season and show are definitely worth your time to watch, and I would rate it a 9/10. If you’re a fan of reality shows, I recommend watching “The Circle” if you have Netflix.