Desserts Of Your Choice, All @madebymaryamk


Khatoon posing for a picture

By Alma Duskic, Editor in Chief

Throughout the first phase of quarantine in early 2020, many people found solace in new hobbies or expanded on old ones. People learned how to sew, or maybe even took up gardening. Senior Maryam Khatoon decided to use her passion for baking to start her own small business run through Instagram under the handle, @_madebymaryamk.

“I’ve always liked baking, but I got so bored during quarantine so I was baking literally every day. I started out only baking for my family because of COVID, but then I realized I could start selling my cakes and cupcakes to other people, so I started my Instagram shop,” Khatoon said.

A hobby turned business was just the thing to get rid of quarantine blues and be replaced with something more productive and worthwhile. Though Khatoon runs this business solo, she has a solid support group behind her, encouraging her endeavors.

“Watching her do something that she loves is really cool to see. I know she’s very passionate about baking, and she has been for a while, so seeing her start her own shop is awesome,” senior Rabia Chaudhry said.

Khatoon kept her shop open for orders through her DMs on her account. Prices vary by order, with multiple different factors being taken into account when reaching a final price. Khatoon sells cakes and cupcakes, either for a special event, like a recent 1st birthday cupcake order, or just a regular cake/cupcake one. Khatoon also delivers her pastries for orders within the Chicagoland area.

“I ordered some cupcakes from Maryam recently because I wanted to support her business, and I was honestly surprised at how good they were. You can tell she takes her work seriously just by looking at the quality of her food,” senior Aida Mehicevic said.

The Muslim holy month of Ramadan began in mid-April, and to celebrate the month, and give back to the community, Khatoon started a Ramadan fundraiser on her Instagram shop. Khatoon was collecting donations, in partnership with her brother, and for every donation of a set dollar amount, Khatoon delivered cupcakes or a cake. A $25 donation equaled four cupcakes, a $50 donation equaled 12 cupcakes, and a $100+ donation equaled a cake. All proceeds of the fundraiser were donated to ICNA Relief USA Ramadan Food Box.

“My brother and I wanted to find a way to give back to the community, especially during Ramadan, and we thought my baking would be the perfect way to do it. Having the incentive of getting cupcakes or a cake when donating helped us to raise over $2,200,” Khatoon said.

Check out @_madebymaryamk on Instagram for your next sweet tooth craving.