Students and Teachers React to Finals Season

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District 219 logo.

By Gabrielle Feliciano, Staff Writer

The second semester of the school year is coming to an end without a final exam season. For the second time this year, students in regular classes, Honors classes, and AP classes alike won’t be taking any official final exams. After more than one full school year in quarantine, both students and teachers agree that a lack of finals this year is in everyone’s best interests.

“I’m glad we’re not doing finals this year,” math teacher Colleen Gogerty said on the matter. “We’ve had to be creative with assessments.” She went on to say, “And, because of the difference in the test-taking environment, I don’t think a final exam would reflect students’ knowledge.”

For the duration of the school year, teachers have felt the stress of having to teach both remotely and hybrid, both of which require a different approach to teaching than in-person learning. Finals, which would’ve taken place in a classroom during in-person learning, would have to take place in the homes of the majority of the students taking them during remote learning and hybrid learning. In conclusion, the test-taking experience during remote learning and hybrid learning just isn’t the same for neither students nor teachers.

“I was happy to hear that my son didn’t have finals this year, either,” Another teacher, Scott Baum, said. “Especially because of all that’s going on in students’ lives. It’s stressful being a teacher and being a student in the class and having projects, finals, et cetera.” He went on to say, “You have to prepare, but I think that with all that’s going on, it’s better not to add onto that stress.”

The majority of the student body also agrees with this sentiment. While teachers have felt the stress of teaching, students have felt the stress of learning more than ever before.

“It’s good that there are alternatives to finals this year, as we are not in a situation where we can properly learn and take everything in,” senior Althea Bibat said. “The teachers are also not in the position to be able to give students what they need due to this year’s circumstances.”