Netflix releases a new mystery film: The Woman in the Window


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By Isabela Gil, Staff Writer

The new mystery and drama film “The Woman in the Window” was released on May 14. It was originally a novel written by A.J Finn, but it was transformed into a movie by director Joe Wright. The movie displays many plot twists and even leaves the audience with an eerie and chilling sensation.

In the film, we have many crucial main characters such as Anna Fox, Jane Russel, Alistair Russel, Ethan Russel, and David. Throughout the movie, Anna Fox is an agoraphobic woman who lives alone in a five-story home in New York. She spends her days looking at the window, hence the fact she can’t go outside. Anna Fox takes medicine as well which can make her potentially hallucinate.

Towards the beginning of the film, a to the eye normal family moves in across the street. After a few days of moving in, Anna meets her neighbors who visit her to drop off a gift. When Ethan, the Russel’s son, visits Anna, she notices some strange behavior within the boy. He seems afraid of his home, and Anna is automatically on alert to find out Ethan’s living conditions. The following day, Jane Russel or Russel’s wife visits Anna. Jane displays signs of being in an abusive and toxic relationship with her husband. And as time goes on, Anna finds herself looking out her neighbor’s window and eventually witnessing a crime scene. As the film unravels, Anna learns what truly happened to her neighbor and who was the cause for it.

The concept of  “The Woman in the Window” was actually quite entertaining —  there were many plot twists that had the audience hooked. As someone who is not into “scary” movies, this film is definitely worth a watch. It doesn’t contain horror, but it does contain mystery which grabs the audience’s attention. While watching this, I often myself thinking about who the murderer was. Let’s just say I had many, and I mean many, conclusions as to what really happened that night. None of them turned out to be true, but that’s what’s so great about the film. The plot is super unpredictable, in a good way, and it definitely makes the audience think.

The acting was phenomenal too. Many of the actors displayed emotions that convinced the audience they were guilty. In addition, the actors have portrayed their roles perfectly, they gave off a creepy sensation which added tension to the plot. I also appreciate the cinematography of the film, the shots were extremely clever and well put together.

After watching “The Woman in the Window,” I would definitely say it’s worth a watch. Overall, I would rate “The Woman in the Window” a 7/10.