“Reverie”: Ben Platt’s Fast Paced New Album


By Ella Lindemann, Feature's Editor

Ben Platt‘s new album “Reverie” shows a different side of Platt that none of his fans were expecting. In 2019, Platt released his single “Rain,” foreshadowing the style of music used in “Reverie.”  The album is 13 songs long, and 3 of the songs are actually all different parts of the same song.

The album begins with the first of three parts of “king of the world.” Platt uses heavy auto-tune and a very electric/techno music style for these songs. “The final part of ‘king of the world’ is about embracing mortality, knowing that our time is limited, but making the most of it regardless,” Platt said.

It seems the more music Platt sings, the more energetic it becomes. On Broadway, when Platt performed in “Dear Evan Hansen,” his role was a troubled teenage boy trying to find his way through the world, so naturally the music was a bit heavy. Songs in his other album “Sing To Me Instead” had a mixture of slow and fast tempos conveying many emotions from Platt’s childhood and past relationship experiences. Then we get to “Reverie” where Platt brings in all kinds of energy. The songs in “Reverie” are the types of songs you could have a dance party in your room to; the kind of music you might roll down the windows of your car and blast after a long day.

My favorite part about all of Platt’s music is the way he reflects back on his life experiences and turns them into music. The definition of the word “reverie” is to be pleasantly lost in your own thoughts—this album reflects that feeling perfectly. It seems that Platt is looking back at his past struggles and has come to accept them, and is happy where he is now.

Platt’s song “dark times” is a tribute to his younger self and how he navigated his sexuality, and “childhood bedroom” is about remembering the ignorant bliss of being a child. I think both of these songs perfectly showcase Platt’s ability to make his own life experiences relatable to his listeners as well.

If you ever have 40 minutes and 1 second to spare, I would suggest taking a listen to Platt’s album “Reverie” to re-energize your soul. Whether you listen to it with headphones or blast it from a speaker, the 13 songs are worth your time, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!