Marianna Mazur: The Athletic, Dedicated Freshman


Marianna Mazur posing for a quick snap.

By Gia Bexes, Staff Writer

High school is a time in your life where you can express yourself and truly find the person you want to be. Meet Marianna Mazur, a freshman here at Niles West. Mazur’s true passion is playing sports. “It gives me motivation and it relieves stress,” Mazur said. She loves to play basketball and is excited to try out for the Niles West Girls’ Basketball team.

By participating in Jr. Wolves basketball and soccer camps, Mazur knew that sports were something she wanted to pursue while at West. Mazur plays soccer, basketball, and runs track; she can really do it all. Her love for athletics goes beyond just the game, as she said, “playing sports has taught me to work hard and to just go for it as well as how to work with people as a team.”

One thing she is proud of is that she is able to play all positions on the basketball court. “My favorite thing about playing basketball is that I am able to make new friends and meet people like me who have a true passion for the sport,” Mazur said. One of her goals is to make varsity by her sophomore year and to play the sport all through high school. She strives to receive a scholarship for the sports she plays and wants to play basketball in college. Further down the line, she’d love to become a basketball coach. “I like to see people do their best and try, it makes me feel so good. When they succeed, it would make me feel like I did good as a person and as a coach, and I’d be happy for their success,” Mazur said. Considering how much time Mazur spends playing sports, there is definitely a strong amount of stamina that she holds onto when on the court.

Mazur and her family have four dogs in their household named Kylo, Stella, Maya and Gracie. She has two siblings, a younger brother, Niko, and a younger sister, Katerina (Kate). Mazur’s role model in life is her mom. “She inspires me and is my role model. I look up to her because she does very well in life. She takes care of other people and is very empathetic,” Mazur said.

When Mazur isn’t on the basketball court, she is either drawing, listening to music or hanging out with her friends. One of her friends, Maddie Glomb, describes her as, “very trustworthy, very smart and loyal. She always works hard and encourages others to do the same. She is a really good friend.”

Being a freshman, especially this year, is a very new and difficult experience. Students are back in school and we are all coming from a year of online (or hybrid) learning. “It’s very strange to be honest, kind of overwhelming. There are lots of students, and crowded, loud hallways. I expected it to be pretty much the same as middle school, just different schedules and a much bigger building. It’s kind of scary, there’s upperclassmen, just a brand new atmosphere overall. When you’re actually experiencing high school, it’s different from what you may think,” Mazur said. In-person school calls for a brand new experience. “[It’s] very fun to be honest, it’s very chill. I feel pretty lucky to be back in the building for freshman year, it is better for me academically as well,” Mazur said. She is looking forward to getting involved in several activities here at Niles West.

The coronavirus pandemic has affected many, especially since students have not been in school for a very long time. Mazur’s school life changed due to the pandemic just like many other students. “I didn’t socialize as much, and my grades were different with e-learning,” Mazur said. Some of her favorite classes are history and Honors Spanish 2. “Teachers have been very patient and understanding about getting used to the new atmosphere and schedule,” Mazur said, and making new friends is no challenge for her as she is very outgoing.

Freshman Suhana Merchant is a friend of Mazur. “[She’s] very organized, she always has her work ethic well thought-out, and always knows what to do and how to lay everything out,” Merchant said.

So far, freshman year is going great for Mazur. She can’t wait to get involved in more sports and clubs at school, and is super excited for what this year brings!