Natasha Dhamavasi: A Big Hit


Junior Natasha Dhamvasi

By Gia Bexes, Staff Writer

When it comes to being involved throughout high school, junior Natasha Dhamavasi has never found difficulty. From being on the dance team, Orchesis, the golf team, High Fidelity and CEC club, she is always giving it her all in everything she is involved in.

Dhamavasi started playing golf because it has been a long lasting and a huge part of her family.  She started playing the sport at the age of four and when she started playing at West her passion only grew. Since golf season takes place during the fall, Dhamavasi was able to play last year, “I wanted to get back into it,” Dhamavasi said.

“I have a lot of friends on the golf team, and I also have my younger sister on the team with me,” Dhamavasi said. Not only does golf allow for her to express her athleticism, but it also provokes building friendships and securing bonds with her friends and younger sister.

“Golf tournaments are a good way to interact and become friends with other people from other schools since we have a lot of time to socialize during tournaments,” Dhamavasi said.

She played on the varsity golf team her first year. “I don’t see myself doing it professionally but I’ll definitely play often and carry it out in my family,” Dhamavasi said.

Outside of her activities, Dhamavasi loves listening to music by Ed Sheeran, James Arthur, and Big Time Rush.

Considering Dhamavasi is involved in so many clubs and sports, it is no wonder that she has made many friends. “Natasha is an amazing teammate in both dance team and golf. She encourages underclassmen to work hard and pushes herself to grow in everything she does. Natasha will always put a smile on your face whether we are at an early morning golf tournament , getting ready to perform at a football game, or at any other time during the day. She is a talented and inspiring athlete with incredible leadership skills,” senior Stella Frake said.

Golf season sparks competitiveness and bonds with teammates that lead to success for the team. It is no doubt that Dhamavasi puts forth a lot of energy and effort towards her goals in her high school experience.

“Natasha never fails to bring the energy and confidence in dance. Whether we are in the studio, or just hanging out, she always makes us laugh and has a great personality. She always cheers people on,” freshman Maddie Glomb said.

Dhamavasi is known for her fun and loving personality, she never fails to bring life into the room.

“I’ve known Natasha for about nine years now, and she has always been such a hard working and kind person. She puts 100% effort into everything she does and she never backs down from a challenge. Her commitment is something I really admire about her,” junior Evie Gallivan said.

There is no doubt that Dhamavasi will continue to work hard and continue to be her fun, outgoing self that so many admire.