Students’ Responses to Activities Fair


Emma Schieffer

Big Red interacting with students at the Activities Fair.

By Emma Schieffer, Opinions Editor

In an effort to increase student interest in extracurricular activities at school, Niles West held its annual Activities Fair on Friday, Sep. 3.

From special interest clubs like Gardening Club to academic clubs like French Honor Society, members gathered in the courtyard during all lunch periods to inform new students of the many clubs Niles West has to offer.

Some featured clubs include American Sign Language, South Asian Student Association Club, Serbian Club, Breakfast Club and PACE Politics Club.

“This is our main source of recruitment for many members, especially freshman and sophomores, and the whole student body. People are going to see what we are and the general look of our club, and we hope to promote more people,” senior and SASA member Ria Patel said.

The fair is very important because it creates awareness to the clubs. This opportunity is the best time for clubs to appeal to those who may be interested in joining.

“We’re grateful to have the activities fair because, in the case of the yearbook, our whole entire staff is seniors, so next year we need people who know what to do. We are really in need of people to join next semester who will be a junior or senior next year so that at the beginning of the year no one will be lost or not know what to do,” senior and yearbook member Emily Kim said.

“The activities fair was a success. I know many clubs gained lots of new members. The fair gave students the opportunity to learn and join clubs that they didn’t know about before. Joining clubs gives students the ability to join something that they care about, and to become part of a community smaller at school,” sophomore Astronomy Club member Rylie Gordon said.

Getting involved is definitely one of the ways to make friends and discover new passions.

“It’s interesting to see the variety of clubs and activities that Niles West has available to students. Everyone will be able to find something that they have an interest in,” sophomore Zebedeo Zalinski said.

“I was working at the Chinese Club table and I was very surprised to see all the freshman who were interested in joining clubs. One club that I’m joining this year is Feminist Club, and I liked how there were so many different activities for people because then they’ll be able to find people who share the same interests as them,” sophomore and Chinese Club member Derek Kyan said.

Students who are interested in joining a club should email the sponsors of the club. Although not every club had signed up for the fair, students can still find the sponsor’s email on the school website.