Homecoming Spirit Week Changes


Aila Durakovic

Sophomores and juniors snoozing through their study hall with their pajamas on for pajama day.

By Gia Bexes, Staff Writer

As homecoming week approaches, there have been new changes to some of our plans with Spirit Week. Spirit week brings lots of excitement as each day presents a new theme to the student body. Before homecoming week themes were modified, West was scheduled to have a Pajama Day taking place on Monday, Oct. 4., Twin Day on Tuesday, Beach Day on Wednesday, Throwback Day on Thursday, and School Spirit Day on Friday.

Students were to vote via Google forms through an email sent out on Tuesday, Sept. 7 to pick out the 2021 themes. The email was sent out by executive secretary Carl Alexander. The form consisted of various options for possible themes. Students could select any themes that sparked interest and then submit their decisions.

Though there were not that many changes made with the spirit week concepts, some of the days were changed to completely different ideas. According to a Sept. 29 and a Sept. 30 email from Terri L. Laux, some of the spirit days were changed based on new input.  The email sent out on Thursday, Sept. 30 states, “With some input from some of the seniors, we did change a couple days from the original ideas that were put out there.”

The theme of the new 2021 spirit week is “Everything Niles West.” After the information regarding the updates was sent, the new spirit days were announced. Monday, Oct. 4 is now Country vs Country Club/Western vs Preppy Day, Tuesday is Favorite Team Jersey Day, Wednesday is Beach Day, Thursday remains Throwback or Decades Day, and Friday is Class Colors Day. Freshmen will wear grey, sophomores will wear white, juniors will wear black and seniors will wear red.